Colombian music in mourning: Hety is murdered with a firearm in San Andrés

The musician was shot twice at his home on the island and his death was confirmed on the night of March 14

“I am destroyed”: Marcelo Macarrón's dramatic statement in the trial for the crime of Nora Dalmasso

The widower began his story in the courts of Rio Cuarto in the process that has him as the only accused and broke down a few minutes later

Oscar Pistorius moved to prison closer to Reeva Steenkamp’s parents in anticipation of meeting

Pistorius has served half of his sentence for the murder of his girlfriend and may be eligible for parole upon meeting her parents

OpEd: Shooting No Sport for Olympics

(ATR) In the aftermath of close to home gun attacks, a call for the Olympics to disarm.

Oscar Pistorius Prison Sentence Increased

(ATR) The former Paralympian known as Blade Runner will now serve 15 years for murdering his girlfriend.

ATR First: CK Wu Legal Bills Mount as Murder Plot Rejected

(ATR) Olympic boxing chief C.K. Wu's attempt to fight dirty against the Interim Management Committee is whistled as a low blow.

Pistorius Paved Way for Paralympic Stars at Rio 2016

(ATR) IPC says Oscar Pistorius “drew a lot of global media attention to the Paralympic Movement and raised interest to new levels”.

South Africa High Court Denies Pistorius Appeal

(ATR) Former Olympian Oscar Pistorius will receive at least 15 years in jail for the murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in 2013.

South African Court Grants Oscar Pistorius Bail

(ATR) The Olympian will remain free on bail while he awaits sentencing for murdering Reeva Steenkamp in 2013.

Judge Allows Appeal in Oscar Pistorius Case

(ATR) Prosecutors are appealing the Olympian's acquittal on premeditated murder charges.

Journalist Examines Pistorius Trial, Predicts Road Ahead -- ATR Podcast

(ATR) AFP correspondent Johannes Myburgh says the athlete's sport career will never be the same.

South Africa Journalist on Pistorius Sentence -- ATR Podcast

(ATR) Gushwell Brooks says South Africa would not want to be associated with Pistorius in a future Olympics.

Scathing Reactions to Pistorius Sentence -- Media Watch

(ATR) South Africa`s president, legal experts, and media scrutinize the sentence in the Pistorius murder trial.

Pistorius Relied on "Primal Instincts," Defense Says

(ATR) Defense attorney Barry Roux says Pistorius used his "primal instincts" the night he shot his girlfriend.

Pistorius an "Appalling Witness," Prosecutor Says

(ATR) Prosecutor Gerrie Nel discredited the defense for Oscar Pistorius during his closing argument on Thursday.

Pistorius Trial Delayed Until June 30

(ATR) Psychiatric evaluations will push the trial for Olympian Oscar Pistorius back until June 30.

Judge Orders Psychiatric Tests for Pistorius

(ATR) Oscar Pistorius must undergo one month of psychiatric tests before his murder trial can continue.

Judge to Rule Wednesday on Evaluation for Pistorius

(ATR) Judge Thokozile Masipa will rule Wednesday on whether Oscar Pistorius will be placed under psychiatric observation. 

Pistorius Suffers From Anxiety Disorder, Psychiatrist Says

(ATR) A psychiatrist testifies that Olympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius suffers from a generalized anxiety disorder. 

Ballistics Expert Challenges Case Against Pistorius

(ATR) A ballistics expert testifies that Steenkamp did not appear to have been in a defensive position when Pistorius shot her.

Pistorius "Heartbroken," Social Worker Says; Anesthetist Testifies

(ATR) A social worker who visited Pistorius in a police cell the day after he fatally shot his girlfriend testified on Thursday.

Pistorius Allegedly Harasses Girlfriend's Friends; Neighbors Testify

Oscar Pistorius spoke to one of Reeva Steenkamp's friend in a "very sinister tone" on Tuesday, according to her lawyer.

Neighbors of Oscar Pistorius Heard Loud Bang, Screams

Neighbors of Pistorius testified Tuesday about what they heard and saw the night the Olympian shot Reeva Steenkamp.

Pistorius Defense Plans to Take Two More Weeks

(ATR) The Pistorius defense team has resumed its case and plans to take two more weeks before closing arguments are made.

Pistorius Trial Adjourns Until May 5

(ATR) The judge in the Pistorius trial granted a two-week adjournment, set to begin after hearings on Thursday.

Pistorius Concludes Emotional Testimony

(ATR) Pistorius testified on Tuesday that he "didn't think about pulling the trigger" the night he shot and killed his girlfriend.

Prosecution in Pistorius Trial Cuts at Credibility

(ATR) Prosecutor Gerrie Nel aggressively questions Pistorius about his account of the night he shot Reeva Steenkamp.

Blunt Cross-Examination from Prosecution in Pistorius Trial

(ATR) Pistorius returns to the stand for further cross-examination following a day of persistent and aggressive questioning.

Pistorius Recounts Moment "Everything Changed"

(ATR) An emotional Pistorius relayed his account of the night he shot Steenkamp to the Pretoria High Court on Tuesday.

Pistorius Defense Requests Early Adjournment

(ATR) Pistorius' defense team requests an early adjournment following the Olympian's emotional opening testimony.

Pistorius Trial Postponed Until April 7

(ATR) The Pistorius trial was adjourned until April 7 when the Olympian is expected to testify on his own behalf.

Pistorius Defense to Address Pivotal Elements

(ATR) Pistorius' lawyers will address key elements of the prosecution's case when the Olympian takes the stand on Friday.

Prosecution Reveals Fearful Texts From Pistorius' Girlfriend

(ATR) Downloaded texts from Pistorius' girlfriend reveal that Reeva Steenkamp feared the Olympian's short temper.

Pistorius Neighbor Heard "Terrified Screaming"

(ATR) Pistorius' neighbor testified that she heard gunshots and "terrified screaming" the night the Olympian shot his girlfriend.

Prosecution Delays Pistorius Trial Until Monday

(ATR) The trial of Oscar Pistorius will resume Monday after the prosecution asked for time to consult witnesses.

Pistorius Defense Alleges Police Oversight

(ATR) The Pistorius defense team argues that crime scene photographs expose police errors in the investigation.

Testimony at Pistorius Trial Sheds Light on Gun Experience

(ATR) Blood marks in bedroom and gun testimony emerged as new evidence at the double-amputee's trial on Monday.

Former Police Commander Aids Pistorius Defense

(ATR) Former Col. G.S. van Rensburg discredited police handling of evidence during his testimony at Pistorius' trial on Friday.

Pistorius Defense Team Cross-Examines Forensic Expert

(ATR) The defense probes a forensic expert over the validity of evidence offered by the crime scene at Pistorius' home.

Prosecution Recreates Bathroom in Pistorius Trial

(ATR) On Wednesday, the prosecution in the Oscar Pistorius trial recreated a bathroom in court.