AIBA President Meets R&Js In Dubai, Calls To Be Dedicated To Transparency

IOC Cancels Boxing Chief Credentials for Youth Olympic Games

(ATR) A letter from the IOC to national federations for Olympic boxing delivers stark warnings.

ISU Suspends Chinese Judges -- Federation Focus

Also: New IJF training center in Zambia; Dance sport president resigns; Cooperation in WBSC

Letter from Ho Kim to National Boxing Federations

Boxing Federation Fights Accusations, IOC

(ATR) Millions on hold for AIBA as IOC reviews governance concerns.

Tokyo 2020 Working Group Seeks Further Savings -- Monday Memo

(ATR) Also: AIBA holds extraordinary congress; ATR's annual Golden 25 countdown begins Tuesday.

Rio 2016 Boxing Results Will Stand Despite Investigation

(ATR) AIBA is reforming its judging process after disputed results at Rio 2016.

Boxers Sanctioned for Rio Olympic Betting

(ATR) Three Olympic boxers are sanctioned by the IOC for placing illegal bets on matches at the Rio 2016 Games.

AIBA Executive Director Reassigned to a New Role

Further to the decision taken yesterday by AIBA with regard to the reassessment of the judges and referees officiating during the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, the AIBA Vice Presidents and Executive Board members have decided to reassign with immediate effect the current AIBA Executive Director to a new role within the organisation.

Boxing Judges Knocked Out of Olympics

(ATR) The International Boxing Association has sent home judges and referees from the Games following questionable decisions.

World Lacrosse Readies IOC Application - Federations

(ATR) The governing body of lacrosse also welcomes its 55th member country.

FIG Disciplinary Commission sanctions Rhythmic Gymnastics judges

The Disciplinary Commission of the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) has pronounced sanctions against five Rhythmic Gymnastics judges who officiated at the 2014 World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships in Izmir (TUR).

First ever 5-Star R&Js appointed by AIBA