AIBA President Will 'Step Aside'

(ATR) Gafur Rakhimov says the move is in the best interest of boxing and the international federation which faces a ban from Tokyo 2020.

Golden 25: #8 -- Boxing Federation on the Ropes

(ATR) The IOC takes unprecedented first steps to strip recognition of an international federation.

IOC Delivers New Blows Against Boxing

(ATR) The IOC will begin an inquiry into AIBA, while freezing preparations for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic boxing tournament.

IOC Executive Board Meets to Decide Boxing Fate

(ATR) A major decision on boxing could be taken today at the IOC Executive Board.

IOC: Won't Be Fooled By AIBA Changes -- Top Story Replay

(ATR) The icy relations meeting planned for IOC President and newly-elected president of AIBA.

CAS Rules Against AIBA Election Change

(ATR) A challenge by the Kazakh Boxing Federation to halt the AIBA elections was denied.

Kazakh Boxing Presidential Hopeful Appeals to CAS

(ATR) Serik Konakbayev challenges AIBA's decision to make him ineligible for the boxing federation presidency.

Russia Defends AIBA Chief as Election Intrigue Swirls

(ATR) The IOC is accused of meddling in AIBA affairs as Gafur Rahimov plots to tighten his grip on the boxing presidency.

Boxing Prepares For Pivotal Election with Only One Candidate

(ATR) Despite IOC warnings against his candidacy, Gafur Rahimov is running unopposed for AIBA president.

ATR First: Deadline Looms for Boxing Fed Election

(ATR) Interim AIBA President Gafur Rahimov could be the only candidate for election.

AIBA hosts Gender Equity Forum

AIBA receives FCIT during 2018 Asian Games

AIBA Interim President represents boxing at OCA General Assembly

AIBA Interim President Attends Asian Games

IAAF To Decide Russia's Future This Week - Federation Focus

Also: AIBA president encouraged by IOC comments; FIS leader visits Beijing 2022; 

AIBA Executive Committee Meeting Approves Reforms

AIBA launches New Foundation Plan

AIBA Makes Significant Changes Towards Gender Equality