Faroe Islands Becomes Associate Member of International Shooting Sport Federation

European Volleyball Confederation President hails progress of sport during visit to Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands to Host 28th European Non-Governmental Sports Organisation General Assembly

Faroe Islands Joins World Taekwondo

On the Road to Olympic Recognition

(ATR) The next step in the Faroe Islands' quest could be the Games of the Small States of Europe.

Faroese Confederation of Sports Celebrates 80th Birthday

Faroe Islands 10-strong team to participate in Special Olympics World Games 2019

A 'Quantum Leap' Forward for Faroe Islands

(ATR) Faroese athletes can now compete at the European Games but IOC recognition remains elusive.

FCSOC Welcomes EOC Decision on 2019 European Games

Faroe Islands confirms major investment in sport in boost to Olympic recognition campaign

IOC to Meet With Faroe Islands

(ATR) The meeting follows a renewed effort by the Faroese to gain IOC recognition.

Soccer Success Feeds Faroes' IOC Dreams

(ATR) Growth of soccer since FIFA recognition a blueprint for Olympic sports in Faroe Islands.

Faroe Islands Bid for Olympic Recognition -- Photodesk

(ATR) The self-governing region of Denmark is campaigning to compete in the Olympics under the Faroese flag.

It's All About the Flag For Faroese Athletes

(ATR) The Faroe Islands campaign for Olympic recognition has a strong sporting argument.

ATR Extra: Faroes Push to End Olympic Sporting Limbo

(ATR) A campaign is under way to get the Faroe Islands into the Olympic Games.

Faroe Islands to bid for International Island Games