Sports programme unveiled for World Urban Games Budapest 2019

(ATR) - Six competition, two showcase sports for inaugural event ... 

Balazs Furjes: Olympic Bids Should Start with Referendum -- ATRadio

(ATR) Former Budapest 2024 Olympic bid chief says cities should reconsider how they seek support for Olympic projects.

Budapest Wraps Up Bid

"Our dream to host the Olympic Games in Budapest remains alive,” states Budapest 2024 Olympic Games Bid leader Balázs Fürjes. 

Hungary's Dream for 2024 Brought Hope to Cities like Budapest all Around the World

Budapest 2024 leader talks publicly for first time since Olympic bid comes to an end. 

Budapest Bid Leader Worries About Future of Olympics

(ATR) Balázs Fürjes says the Olympics are in danger of becoming solely the privilege of the "richest and biggest" cities.

Budapest 2024 Bid Still Alive

(ATR) Budapest deputy mayor tells Around the Rings no decision will be made this week on ending chase for 2024. 

Budapest Politicians Formally Back 2024 Bid

(ATR) City Assembly gives formal endorsement to the final candidature submission which will be presented to the IOC.

Politicians Follow Public's Lead as Budapest's City Assembly Delivers Huge Boost to Hungarian Olympic Bid

Budapest City Assembly gives powerful backing to Budapest 2024’s Final Candidature Submission to the IOC

Public Support Continues to Build for Budapest Olympic Games as Hungary Backs the Bid

Support for Budapest Olympic Games bid increased most amongst young people.

Golden 25 - #6 - Olympic Bid Leaders for 2024

(ATR) Convincing IOC members to vote for their city: the ultimate challenge.

FINA World Championships in Canada Highlights Power of Mid Sized Cities for Major Events

Budapest 2024 Olympic Games Bid leader says Windsor 2016 FINA event in Canada highlights power of smaller cities to host world-class international sporting events. 

Budapest 2024 Olympic Games Bid leader says Windsor 2016 FINA event in Canada highlights power of smaller cities to host world-class international sporting events

Hungary "humbled, honoured and excited" as Budapest 2024 Olympic Games Bid moves to final stage of IOC Olympic host city selection process

Budapest 2024 Olympic Bid soars to new heights as Wizz Air partner jets take off with "new vitality" bid logo and signage on planes

Budapest 2024 Aims to Change Perception of Olympics -- ATRadio

(ATR) Balazs Furjes joins ATRadio in Doha, Qatar to discuss strengths of the central European bid.

"Real Alternative" Says Budapest 2024

(ATR) Budapest is making its seventh try for the Olympics

Budapest 2024 offers Right Sized City at Right Time for Olympic Games to Olympic leaders meeting in Doha

Budapest 2024 bid team unveiled a strong and distinctive case for Budapest to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Delegation from Hungary to Unveil Plans for Budapest as the "real alternative" for Olympic Games at ANOC meeting in Qatari capital

Ambassadors for Budapest 2024 Bid Boost Public Support for Olympic Games in Hungary's Capital

Nine leaders representing Hungarian society were announced as Ambassadors for the Budapest 2024 Olympic Games Bid. 

Budapest Now has 12 Sponsors -- 2024 Roundup

Also: Lacoste joins Paris 2024 as official supplier, LA2024 chairman speaking at LA84 summit

CGI of Parliament Square Archery Centre released on historic anniversary

Budapest 2024 Unveils First CGI of Venues with Stage 2 Submission

The Computer Generated Images (CGI) of three landmark venues have been released to the sport community.

Budapest Amends Olympic Plan -- 2024 Roundup

Also: Specifics for Paris 2024 investment plan revealed; California approves financial security blanket for LA 2024

Shakeup in Budapest 2024 Leadership

(ATR) Budapest 2024 chief strategy advisor Attila Mihók takes over as CEO of the bid company.

Los Angeles Unveils More Venues -- 2024 Bidding Roundup

Also: Paris mayor releases promotional video to improve tourism; Budapest opens official visitor center

River Danube Visitor Centre will showcase Budapest 2024 and FINA World Championships

Budapest’s Olympic Bid opened a Visitors’ Centre that will perfectly showcase the city’s plan to host the 2024 Games.

Budapest 2024 Chairman Recaps at One Year to Go; Budapest Announces New Urban Games Initiative

Today, exactly one year remains until a new Host City is chosen to stage the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Hungary House Makes Olympic Debut

(ATR) The Hungarian NOC hopes its first ever hospitality house will propel Budapest 2024 to new heights.

Budapest Olympic Bid Adjusts Masterplan to Slash Costs

(ATR) Balázs Furjes tells ATR that IOC advice has resulted in a change to the 2024 Olympic masterplan set to save “tens of millions” of dollars.

2024 Olympic Bids Seek Engagement at SportAccord Convention

(ATR) The four bids are aiming to learn from international sports federations to strengthen their Olympic concepts.