USA Women's Hockey Olympic Champions, The Lamoureux Sisters, Announce Retirement on the Players' Tribune

Beijing 2022 One Year To Go Photo Gallery

Monday Memo: Asian Games Torch Relay; IOC Commissions and EB Meet

(ATR) The Asian Games flame is lit ... IOC decides 2022 Olympics sports ... and an Esport summit in Lausanne.

OpEd: Budapest Demise Heaps More Agony on IOC

(ATR) Is anybody really surprised that Budapest has ended its bid for the 2024 Olympics? Around the Rings Editor Ed Hula has the answer in this OpEd.

Almaty and Beijing Ready for IOC Session -- On the Scene

(ATR) Preview of IOC Session that decides 2022 Olympic host... IOC's ruling body may discuss Boston 2024... Bach takes up badminton

Duel for 2022 Winter Games: Beijing vs Almaty - Both candidates plan to build artificial track

There are now just two candidates left in the race to host the Olympic Winter Games in 2022, with Beijing (China) and Almaty (Kazakhstan) lying ne to the meeting of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) on July 31, which will make the final decision.

Beijing 2022 confirms its reliability and determination to contribute to the development of winter sports to the IOC membership in Lausanne

China’s Vice Premier Liu Yandong today reiterated Beijing 2022’s offer of an assured Games delivery and great prospects for winter sports during a presentation to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) at the 2022 Olympic Winter Games Candidate City Briefing in Lausanne

Evaluation Commission Report for 2022 published

New approach, following Olympic Agenda 2020, highlights the opportunities and challenges of the two bids

Sri Lanka Loses 2017 Asian Youth Games

(ATR) The Olympic Council of Asia says there are issues with the autonomy of the Sri Lankan NOC.

Reach Olympic Decision Makers with Around the Rings

The 128th IOC Session in Kuala Lumpur will be one of the most important meetings in Olympic history. Thomas Bach's ambitious Agenda 2020 program will be implemented, the 2022 Winter Olympics host city will be selected--and world sport's decision makers will turn to Around the Rings for all the news. 

IOC Steps Up Scrutiny of 2022 Olympic Bids

(ATR) The strengths and weaknesses of the bids from Almaty and Beijing will be laid bare in Lausanne next month.

Underdog Almaty Needs Help to Win Winter Olympics -- Op Ed

(ATR) Beijing may be favored, but Almaty could be the real contender for 2022, says ATR editor Ed Hula.

Attention Turns to Co-Hosting, Bid Books for 2022 Olympic Candidates

(ATR) Almaty-Astana 2022 Olympic plan ... Beijing “fully confident” in bid book

IOC Expects FIFA to Respect 2022 Olympics Timing

(ATR) The IOC says it expects the 2022 FIFA World Cup won't conflict with the 2022 Winter Olympics.

2022 Winter Olympic Bids Ready to Go Global

(ATR) Almaty and Beijing will ratchet up their 2022 Olympic campaigns starting on November 1.

European Clubs Back April/May World Cup in Qatar

(ATR) The European Club Association proposal would avoid any possible conflict with the 2022 Winter Olympics.

2022 Olympic Bidding a "Crisis" for Journalists, IOC -- Top Story Replay

(ATR) The head of the Committee to Protect Journalists says the IOC is facing a "crisis" in its search for a 2022 host.

IOC VP: 2022 Winter Olympic Race Will Not Re-Open

(ATR) Also: Craig Reedie discusses a possible Olympics/World Cup clash in 2022.

Pistorius Welcome in Rio -- Host City Roundup

(ATR) Also: Stockholm weighs 2026 Winter Olympic bid ... Commonwealth Games CEO seeking IOC cooperation

IOC Rubbishes Proposal to Move 2022 Olympics for Qatar World Cup

(ATR) IOC tells Around the Rings it will not consider a proposal to move 2022 Winter Olympics to accommodate Qatar World Cup

IOC President Denies Olympic Bidding In Crisis -- Top Story Replay

(ATR) Thomas Bach tells Around the Rings that Oslo's exit from 2022 bidding will not affect the 2024 race.

2022 Bidders Book Trips to ANOC Meeting

(ATR) The three remaining bidders for the 2022 Winter Olympics will be in Bangkok in November.

Almaty 2022 Ready for "Tough Fight"

(ATR) Head of Almaty's Olympic bid tells Around the Rings the Kazakh city has to "work hard" to deliver on its promise.

IOC Sochi Architect Endorses 2022 Olympic Field

(ATR) Jean-Claude Killy discusses the race to host the 2022 Winter Olympics and the possibility of a Paris bid.

Op Ed -- 2022 Olympics Race for Survivors Only

(ATR) Around the Rings editor-in-chief Ed Hula says the size of the 2022 Winter Olympic bidding field may belie its strength.

Felli: IOC to Blame for Small 2022 Bidding Field

(ATR) Olympic Games executive director Gilbert Felli says perception of IOC must be improved.

Almaty, Oslo Express Confidence After 2022 Bid Pitches

(ATR) Almaty and Oslo bid leaders say their video conference sessions with IOC officials provided invaluable lessons.

Selection of New Krakow Bid Leader Likely This Week

(ATR) The Krakow bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics may soon fill the void left by Jagna Marczulajtis-Walczak's resignation.

Bubka Not Worried by Zhukov Appointment

(ATR) The Ukrainian IOC member does not believe having a Russian as 2022 bid inspector will hurt Lviv's chances.

Krakow Referendum Date Set

(ATR) Residents of the Polish city will vote on a 2022 Winter Olympic bid on May 25.