Top Story Replay -- OpEd: Protestors Will Test Tokyo Olympics

(ATR) Is punishment required for Olympic protests to have meaning? ATR’s Ed Hula raises the question.

OpEd: Protestors Will Test Tokyo Olympics

(ATR) Is punishment required for Olympic protests to have meaning? ATR’s Ed Hula raises the question.

U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee announces U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Hall of Fame, class of 2019

Beyonce y Jay-Z irrumpen en el Mundo Olimpico

(ATR) La famosa pareja se disfraza de los legendarios Tommie Smith y Florence Griffith-Joyner

Beyonce and Jay-Z Pay Homage to Olympians

(ATR) The famous entertainment couple dress up as Florence Griffith-Joyner and Tommie Smith for Halloween.

Mexico 1968 - Of Dreams and Destiny

Olympic scholar Idy Uyoe's conversation with John Carlos about the Black Pride Salute in Mexico City 50 years ago.

NBC Olympics & LA84 Foundation Partner to Celebrate Iconic 1968 Olympic Games

Forum on Refugees and Sport Adds Partners - Conferences & Conventions

Also: Rugby World Cup 2019 team at Stadia & Arena Japan; LA 84 Summit adds Metta World Peace to lineup.

Strong Speaker Lineup for Soccerex USA - Conferences and Conventions

Also: LA 84 Summit features athlete activism, social justice; China International Snow & Ice Forum focuses on Beijing 2022

LA84 Summit Honors Mexico City 1968 Protests -- Conferences and Conventions

(ATR) Also: China International Snow and Ice Forum looks to Beijing 2022

OpEd: Remembering Peter Norman

Michael Pirrie pays tribute to "often forgotten man" as he is awarded a posthumous Olympic Order of Merit by the AOC.

Brisbane Tapped for Next Aussie Olympic Bid, Peter Norman Honors

(ATR) One day the Queensland capital might lead a bid for the Olympics...Australian protester from 1968 Games recognized.

Olympians, Paralympians Capture the White House

(ATR) Athletes, other Olympic figures gathered in Washington D.C. to join  President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama.

1968 Olympic Protesters Welcomed at White House

(ATR) Once spurned by the U.S. Olympic Committee, Tommie Smith and John Carlos now get the hero treatment.

Media Watch - Sochi 2014; 45th Anniversary for Black Power Salute

(ATR) MSNBC host, Russian dance icon disparage Russia's gay propaganda ban…Olympic medalist Morehouse sits down with Sochi hopefuls… marks 45 years since iconic gesture at the 1968 Summer Olympics.

Media Watch -- 2014 Winter Olympics; Tokyo's Road Ahead

(ATR) The Sochi torch relay is underway; athletes, organizers, and IOC president Thomas Bach weigh in on preparations for the 2014 Winter Olympics…Critics predict obstacles for Tokyo as the city readies its residents and organizers for the 2020 Games.

Ukrainian Athletics Bid; Rugby for Rogge; Sochi Curling Progress

(ATR) Sergey Bubka predicts IAAF bid from Ukraine ... IOC president to attend Rugby World Cup final ... Curling chief tours 2014 construction ... 43 years since Black Power salute in Mexico City ... Samsung, Apple update.

Olympic Newsdesk -- Putin in Sochi; IAAF in Beijing; Infamous Medal Up for Auction

(ATR) Putin tours Sochi Olympic construction ... IAAF inspects Beijing world championship bid ... Tommie Smith selling medal

Olympic Briefs-New Head of London Broadcast; Bullies Torment Olympic Diver

(ATR) London has a new head of broadcast... Britain's Tom Daley was pulled from school after being threatened by classmates... An infamous group of Olympic protestors were honored by the New York City Council

New Books Examine Games History, Personalities

(ATR) The latest edition of an encyclopedia of Olympic history comes out in time for the Games, as does the paperback edition of an icon's autobiography ... a Pulitzer-prize winning author explores the firsts at the Rome Games ... while another book appraises the 1980 boycott from the athlete point of view.

Black Power: un saludo que quedó en la historia y traspasó los Juegos Olímpicos

Tommie Smith y John Carlos, al subir al podio, protagonizaron una protesta en favor de los derechos civiles de los negros que será recordada por siempre