#ICYMI: Pandemic Makes Medal Predictions More Difficult, Online Vote for Mexico's Tokyo 2020 Uniforms

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Bold Ambitions for FIS Presidential Candidate

(ATR) Swedish NOC president Mats Årjes releases his manifesto as he bids to become the next FIS president.

Top Story Replay: Italy Wins Bid to Host 2026 Olympics

(ATR) Milan-Cortina defeats Stockholm-Are after both bids present to IOC Session in Lausanne.

Italy Wins Bid to Host 2026 Olympics

(ATR) Milan-Cortina defeats Stockholm-Are after both bids present to IOC Session in Lausanne.

Bach Meets 2026 Delegations in Lausanne

(ATR) The IOC president holds short bilateral meetings with both Sweden and Italy delegations on eve of the host city election.

Swedish PM Champions Stockholm Olympic Bid

(ATR) Sweden’s prime minister and foreign minister have rallied behind the country’s 2026 Winter Games bid.

Joint letter from three host regions' governments underlines powerful political support behind Stockholm Are 2026

Stockholm Are 2026 Reiterates "first climate-positive games" Goal on UN World Environment Day

Traditional Snowsport Venues Highlight Stockholm 2026's Masterplan

(ATR) All consist of pre-existing facilities and almost all possess a long history of hosting major events.

Stockholm 2026 Bid Emphasizes Existing Venues, Sustainability and Legacy

(ATR) Of 12 competition venues proposed in Sweden’s bid, only three new ones will need to be constructed.

Key Stockholm Are 2026 venue sets the perfect stage for IAAF Diamond League meet

Timing is Everything for NHL Stars in Beijing 2022

(ATR) Hockey fed chief Rene Fasel, at world championship in Slovakia, addresses the odds of an Olympic return for world's best.

Swedish Bid Leaders Address IOC Concerns

(ATR) The Swedish bid for the 2026 Winter Olympics answers challenges posed in the IOC report on Stockholm. Brian Pinelli reports.

Swedish Sports Minister Talks Up 2026 Olympic Bid

(ATR) IOC evaluation commission report on 2026 candidates Stockholm-Åre and Milan-Cortina to be released on Friday.

Stockholm 2026 Bid Defends Use of Consultants

(ATR) Stockholm-Åre says it’s the “most cost-efficient Olympic bid” ever, despite having triple the consultants of Milan-Cortina.

Are and Ostersund to jointly host the 2023 World Para Snow Sports Championships

Sweden wins historic ice hockey gold medal - a vision of the future?

Italian Government Signs Guarantees for Milan-Cortina Bid

(ATR) The official letter from Italian prime minister delivered to IOC 2026 Evaluation Commission in Milan on Friday.

Latvian Government Supports Stockholm-Are 2026

(ATR) The Swedish bid is still waiting for its own government to confirm financial guarantees required by the IOC.

Latvia's Prime Minister Gives Full Backing to Stockholm-Are 2026 Bid

IOC Evaluators On the Road in Italy

(ATR) A day of travel between venue clusters in the Lombardy region for the IOC Evaluation Commission.

A Slippery Proposition to Renovate Cortina Bobsleigh Track

(ATR) Brian Pinelli explains why the IOC is okay with the 40 million euros price tag to ready the venue for 2026 Olympics.

Milan-Cortina 2026 Welcomes IOC Inspectors

(ATR) The Italian 2026 bid will officially receive all necessary government support in the coming days.

Study: Hosting 2026 Olympics a Moneymaker for Italy

(ATR) A Milan-Cortina 2026 Winter Games would increase Italy's GDP, according to a new survey.

IOC Visits Stockholm Venues

(ATR) IOC 2026 Evaluation Commission braved the elements for a second consecutive day in Sweden.

Italian President Backs 2026 Bid

(ATR) The joint Milan-Cortina bid receives the strongest backing yet from the Italian federal government.

International Olympic Committee Evaluates Sweden's Bid

2026 Evaluation Commission Ready for Road Trip

(ATR) The IOC preaches the “flexibility” of Agenda 2020 ahead of next week’s visit to Sweden.

Swedish Slopestyle Skiers Stoked About 2026

(ATR) Henrik Harlaut and Oscar Wester say timing is right for Sweden to host its first Olympic Winter Games.

Italian Politicians Vow Government Support for 2026 Bid

(ATR) Italians say the Milan-Cortina bid is stronger than the rival Stockholm-Are.