LA28 and Los Angeles agree on framework for 2028 Games

The framework calls for an agreement to host the 2028 Summer Games at no cost to the city of Los Angeles

Los Angeles Mayor Passes on Presidential Bid

(ATR) Eric Garcetti will stay on as Los Angeles Mayor through his term, as preparations for LA 2028 get underway.

LA Sports Awards: Casey Wasserman Named Sports Executive of the Year

Parsons Foresees Paralympic Opportunity in Los Angeles

(ATR) LA 2028 has both the "opportunity and commitment" to shake up the Paralympic movement for the better.

Paris, Los Angeles Capitalize on IOC Flexibility -- Media Watch

(ATR) The host cities of the 2024 and 2028 Summer Games welcome the return of Olympics to Paris and LA.

Paris, Los Angeles Celebrate Olympic Wins

(ATR) A day after securing the Olympics, mayors of Los Angeles and Paris say other cities to jump into the pool.

On the Scene: Paris Launches 2024 Olympics Victory Lap

(ATR) The Paris bid steals the spotlight Sunday in Lima as Los Angeles jets to Peru.

Los Angeles City Council Authorizes Host City Contract

(ATR) Noisy protestors couldn't block a unanimous vote by the Los Angeles City Council backing the city for the 2028 Olympics.

LA City Council unanimously authorizes Los Angeles to sign IOC's Host City Contract for 2028 Games

2028 Olympics Heads to LA Council, Mayor Stumps for Games

(ATR) The Olympic bid gets a public hearing while the LA mayor goes nationwide to promote 2028.

Olympic Winners: Paris and Los Angeles

(ATR) Paris goes first with 2024, Los Angeles secures 2028 under attractive financial terms from the IOC.

Bach Hopes for Olympics Agreement By Next Month

(ATR) After IOC votes to allow for a dual 2024/28 Olympics award, Thomas Bach wants a quick resolution.

LA 2024 pledges to "illuminate the future" of the Olympic Movement

LA 2024 Delegation Arrives in Olympic Capital, Lausanne

The LA 2024 delegation has arrived in Lausanne, Switzerland aiming to reinforce Los Angeles’ credentials as an ideal Olympic city and partner for the Olympic Movement. 

Bach Meets Paris and Los Angeles Delegations

(ATR) The race for 2024 heats up in humid Lausanne as rival delegations put finishing touches on Tuesday presentations.

French President, Mayors, Olympians Rally for 2024 Olympic Bids

(ATR) Delegations from Los Angeles and Paris for the 2024 Olympics arrive in Lausanne for crucial IOC meetings.

LA Mayor Starts New Term With Olympics Assured

(ATR) Eric Garcetti will lead the city for a second term -- and the start of the preparation for the Olympics. Maybe 2024. Or 2028.

Mayor Garcetti Inauguration Offers Tributes to LA 2024

Garcetti begins second term as 42nd Mayor of Los Angeles.

LA 2024 Celebrates 45th Anniversary of Landmark Title IX Legislation

LA Mayor, First Lady, and Paralympian Allison Compton join hundreds of female youth for a sports clinic to celebrate the advancement of women in sport. 

An Opportunity to Serve (LA 2024 Press Release)

By LA 2024 Chairman Casey Wasserman

Top Story Replay: 2028 Decision Must Go Through LA City Council

(ATR) LA City Council President Herb Wesson tells ATR no 2028 talks can begin without council support. 

ATR First: 2028 Olympics Decision Must Go Through LA Council

(ATR) LA City Council President Herb Wesson tells ATR no 2028 talks can begin without council support. 

Garcetti Hints at Guarantees if LA Given 2028 Games

(ATR) The Los Angeles Mayor seems amenable to hosting the Olympics in 2028 if the city receives youth sport funding.

LA Mayor: Olympic Future Demands Bold Bids

(ATR) Mayor Eric Garcetti tells ATR the key to succeed in Olympic bidding is to "be bold and be yourself".

Garcetti Asks IOC: Why Wait for 2028?

(ATR) With the sun setting on the Pacific Ocean, the Los Angeles Mayor says the city is ready today for the Olympics.

IOC 2024 Commission Shoots Hoops in LA

(ATR) Day two of Olympic bid inspection begins with basketball…ATR’s Ed Hula reports from Los Angeles….

IOC Scrutiny of LA 2024 Begins - Photodesk

(ATR) Check out photos of the opening session of the LA 2024 Evaluation Commission visit. 

Short Handed IOC Commission Begins Los Angeles Visit

(ATR) Three members are missing as the evaluation of the LA 2024 Olympic bid begins. ATR Editor Ed Hula reports from Los Angeles.

IOC Opens Review of 2024 Olympic, Paralympic Bid

(ATR) An IOC team begins its work in Los Angeles as the city turns on the charm. ATR’s Ed Hula Reports

Los Angeles Skies Clear for Olympic Visit - On the Scene

(ATR) No marching bands or Donald Trump, but a sunny welcome planned for the IOC inspection of the 2024 Olympic bid.