Tokyo 2020 was an Olympic miracle, and the challenge now is to get back to normality

There is a common hope throughout the Olympic community: that in 2024 the world will no longer be fighting a pandemic.

Baseball and softball knock it out of the park, but when will next at bat come?

Japan’s double Olympic gold medal performance is host nation’s crowning achievement at Tokyo Games. On baseball/softball being snubbed from Paris 2024, WBSC secretary general Beng Choo Low says: “We’ll be back”

The perfect beach, the dystopian beach: scenes of the Olympic surfing debut

Although without an audience, the vastness, the view of the sea, the noise of the waves, the wind and the sun generated a sense of freedom at Tsurigasaki that is not found in almost any of the other Tokyo 2020 venues.

IOC President Bach witnesses Chinese domination at the weightlifting

China maintained their perfect record at the weightlifting as their men followed the success of Hou Zhihui

Abe siblings seal their judo dynasty together for Japan

The pair of gold medals at stake on day two not only went to the host nation but the same family in a historic first in judo that will catapult both talents to mega stardom and beyond in the sport’s founding nation.

The Tokyo Chronicles: The mystery of buses and food at the Games

Only the special envoys to Tokyo from all over the world know how difficult daily life is in the Japanese capital.

Japan wins softball opener in Fukushima in an historic day for the sport

Inspiring start to the Tokyo 2020 Games for the hosts with an 8-1 win over Australia