India initiates diplomatic boycott of Beijing 2022 after Chinese soldier appears as torchbearer

There will no diplomatic representation of India at the opening and closing ceremonies of Beijing 2022. The decision was made after a Chinese soldier, injured during combat with India, participated in the Olympic torch relay

Beijing announces more than 20 presidents, prime ministers and members of Royal Houses for the opening of the Games

Vladimir Putin tops the list, but no American president will be there like in 2008 due to a diplomatic boycott

USOPC is optimistic 2030 Winter Olympics will be in Salt Lake City

Leadership committee addresses Beijing 2022 diplomatic boycott, athlete safety amid COVID-19 policies and more

U.S. ski racers discuss their country’s diplomatic boycott and the great unknowns surrounding the Beijing Olympics

World Cup skiers competing in Val Gardena, Italy, express mixed feelings about China’s Winter Games, while trying to stay focused on competition

China tells Japan, “we supported Tokyo 2020, now you support Beijing 2022″

Japan’s prime minister has been quiet on the issue of a diplomatic boycott as pressure mounts in his own party

Fault lines appearing in Europe as countries are divided over whether to boycott Beijing Games

The European Union searches for common ground amid diplomatic posturing. Germany, France and Italy have said no to boycott while Lithuania joins the United States and Canada in staying home

Citing lack of support for diplomatic boycott of Beijing Games, Chinese media calls the United States’ action “absurd”

They also had kind words for South Korea and other countries who have not joined the U.S. in a diplomatic boycott of Beijing Games

South Korea announced they will not take part in diplomatic boycott of Beijing 2022

Although an ally of the United States, South Korean leader says he is not considering any boycott of upcoming Beijing Games

China continues tough talk as more countries issue diplomatic boycotts of Beijing 2022

Canada, Australia and the U.K. have joined the U.S. in staying away from the Beijing Games. China warns those countries and any others which boycott the Beijing Games will “pay the price”

Canada joins its anglophone allies in a diplomatic boycott of Beijing 2022

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau publicized the decision on Thursday, while maintaining that Canadian athletes would still be in attendance at the Games.

UK announces their own diplomatic boycott of Beijing 2022 Games

Boris Johnson told lawmakers no ministers and no officials are expected to attend the Beijing Games

Australia confirms diplomatic boycott of Beijing 2022

The decision was confirmed by Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison a day after the United States announced its own diplomatic boycott of the 2022 Winter Olympics.

IOC declares no chance of Beijing 2022 delay

Domestic spectator plans still unknown as of now as the clock ticks to under two months until the opening ceremonies

China and the world waits to see what will happen next following U.S. diplomatic boycott of Beijing Winter Games

After the Biden administration announced a U.S. diplomatic boycott of Beijing 2022 Games, China has again said they will retaliate over Biden’s decision. Other countries may join U.S. in boycott

International Olympic Committee issues response to U.S. diplomatic boycott of Beijing Games

The Biden administration has issued a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Games in protest of China’s human rights abuses

Mitt Romney Calls for U.S. Government Zero Budget for Beijing Winter Olympics

Funding for U.S. athletes would not be affected should the legislation designed to support a diplomatic boycott be passed.