Mandatory vaccination and half of the public in the venues for the first Pan American Junior Games in Colombia in November

Starting this Tuesday, the meeting of the Heads of Missions of the 41 countries participating in the mega-event that will open the atypical Olympic cycle towards Paris 2024.

Paralympic organizers foreshadow “very difficult situation” as Tokyo sees record high COVID-19 cases

86 cases of the virus linked to the Paralympic Games have been recorded four days before the opening ceremony – more than the number of Olympic-related cases at this point in time.

IOC, Tokyo 2020 say so far, so good as Summer Games reaches the halfway point

Tokyo 2020 director general Toshiro Muto admits not all is perfect, with violations of the playbooks still a problem.

The Yomiuri Shimbun: Olympics must not be blamed for people letting their guard down

The newspaper, one of Japan’s two largest, took a position this weekend in its editorial pages on why it does not believe there is a link between the rise in covid-19 cases in the country and the Olympic Games. Around the Rings reproduces the English translation provided by the newspaper of its Japanese-language editorial.

German athletes call on IOC to improve quarantine conditions for positive cases: “Fresh air is missing, they feel abandoned”.

Japan has registered record numbers of cases of the new coronavirus, but Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga assured that this increase is not related to the presence of athletes, leaders and journalists at the Olympic Games.

Esto es Tokio, esto es deporte y estos son 5.389 espectadores, algo con lo que los Juegos Olímpicos de 2020 no pueden ni soñar

El domingo, los aficionados asistieron a un evento de lucha libre profesional en la capital de Japón, mientras que los Juegos Olímpicos se disputan sin espectadores.

The masseur who set off all the alarms in Spain

The first case of covid-19 in the European delegation came in the cycling team.

Without an audience, the Games are less Games

The pandemic changed everything. It was no time for Super Mario Bros and the complicity of a prime minister, as was the case with Shinzo Abe five years earlier in Rio de Janeiro.

Four Czech athletes, two team officials test positive for COVID-19

Investigation ongoing as Czech media blame team doctor

Giovanni Malagò: “Thomas Bach was a giant, a phenomenon in the defense of the Games”

The president of the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI) defended, during an interview with Around the Rings, the Japanese government’s decision to hold the Games without spectators and defined as a “cultural problem” the slowness of the vaccination program in the world’s third largest economy.

First covid-19 Olympic casualties identified

Chilean taekwondo athlete gives a positive result on arrival at Tokyo airport and says goodbye to the Olympic Games

Identifican a las primeras bajas Olimpicas por covid-19

Chilena de taekwondo da positiva al llegar al aeropuerto de Tokio y se despide de los Juegos Olimpicos

From the phantom flight to the armored city, the dystopian road to Tokyo 2020

In “Tokyo Chronicles,” the behind the scenes of arriving at a Games where almost nothing is normal.

Three more Tokyo 2020 athletes test positive for Covid-19, One in Olympic Village

Health expert advising organizers says the number of cases are “maybe lower than we were expecting”

IOC president says Olympics not to blame for COVID surge in Tokyo

Bach spoke with reporters two days after emerging from the 72-hour quarantine facing those arriving from abroad for the Games.