Olympic Boxing Future Turns on Election

(ATR) Chaos or peaceful transition? The AIBA's contentious presidential election is scheduled for December 12.

Rakhimov Resigns AIBA Presidency

(ATR) Gafur Rakhimov, the Uzbek-born Russian businessman, is officially out after a controversial 18-month reign.

Top Story Replay: Olympic Boxing Disaster Takes New Turn

(ATR) A senior IOC member may face sanctions over the crisis in Olympic boxing.

Olympic Boxing Disaster Takes New Turn

(ATR) A senior IOC member may face sanctions over the crisis in Olympic boxing.

#ICYMI: Jacques Rogge's Passion for Hockey; World Olympic Collectors Flock to Warsaw

(ATR) Here are our staff picks for articles this week they really wanted you to know about.

World Olympic Collectors Flock to Warsaw

(ATR) 100 years for NOC of Poland...historic pins...a quest for young collectors...Karen Rosen reports from Olympic Collectors Fair in Warsaw. 

Boxing Fed Aims for Media Punch

(ATR) Media briefing from AIBA as IOC studies the federation's fitness to govern Olympic boxing

ATR First: AIBA Interim President Speaks Out

(ATR) Gafur Rakhimov denies criminal connections, hints he could step down to save Olympic boxing.

Boxing Prepares For Pivotal Election with Only One Candidate

(ATR) Despite IOC warnings against his candidacy, Gafur Rahimov is running unopposed for AIBA president.

Olympic Boxing Federation Chief Pushes Reforms Agenda

(ATR) Gafur Rahimov says AIBA is “working tirelessly to bring positive change” amid IOC threat of Tokyo 2020 expulsion.

IOC: No Name Change for Chinese Taipei

(ATR) The IOC wants to nip in the bud an effort to change the name of the country for Olympic competitions.

Boxing, IOC Review Progress

(ATR) The federation faces a deadline next week to answer IOC concerns.

Boxing Aims to Please the IOC -- ATRadio

(ATR) In the midst expulsion threats from the IOC, AIBA hopes to right the ship and establish trust in its new leadership.

AIBA Moves to Restore Financial Confidence with Settlement on $10 Million Loan

AIBA Rejects Wu Honorary Presidency

(ATR) It’s unanimous, boxing delegates have no sympathy for the former president.

AIBA Punches Back Against Challenges -- On the Scene

(ATR) IOC sport director Kit McConnell will observe and speak at the extraordinary Congress in Dubai for the Olympic boxing federation.

ASOIF Chooses Nominee for IOC Executive Board

(ATR) United World Wresting (UWW) President Nenad Lalovic's election to the EB will be on the agenda at next IOC Session

ATR First: New AIBA Interim President Possible

(ATR) Franco Falcinelli tells ATR he may give way to a new interim president of the Olympic boxing federation. Kevin Nutley reports.

Russia Becoming Global Boxing Hub -- On the Scene

(ATR) AIBA turns to Russia to host a series of pivotal events for boxing over the next two years. Kevin Nutley reports..

AIBA Holds First Executive Meeting Without Wu

(ATR) The boxing federation's new leadership is working hard to gain stability after months of infighting. On the scene in Rome ...

ASOIF Forms Governance Monitoring Unit -- Federations Focus

(ATR) Also: IAAF Council and Gala in Monaco; Kasper seeks sixth term as FIS president.

Erdener Replaces Wu on ASOIF Council

(ATR) The only position CK Wu retains in the Olympic Movement is his IOC membership.

Wu Resignation a Fresh Start for Boxing

(ATR) The resignation of suspended president CK Wu allows the boxing federation to "turn the page" says an executive.

AIBA and Ching-Kuo Wu - Joint Statement

Wu Return to AIBA Said Impossible

(ATR) A spokesman says the suspended boxing fed president withheld critical information.

IOC Commissions Week in Lausanne

(ATR) Suspended AIBA president CK Wu scheduled to chair the Culture and Olympic Heritage Commission on Wednesday.

AIBA Convenes Amid Leadership Crisis -- Federations Focus

Also: IAAF names panel to judge Photograph of the Year; Beatrice Allen named WBSC vice-president; ITTF fines star players

ATR First: Olympic Boxing Federation Crisis Grows

(ATR) A dire warning to AIBA from its auditors, apparently ignored by suspended President C.K. Wu. ... for subscribers only! 

ATR First: AIBA Executive Director Resigns

(ATR) William Louis-Marie says the governance issues the boxing federation faces make it impossible to do his job.

Olympic Boxing Fed Moves In New Direction

(ATR) An extraordinary meeting for AIBA will review possible mismanagement and wrongdoing by C.K. Wu.