Aníbal Torres after calling Cardinal Pedro Barreto “miserable”: “It's a popular saying”

The president of the Council of Ministers tried to justify his words by claiming that he “did not remember the name of the cardinal”.

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Aníbal Torres, president of the Council of Ministers, called “miserableCardinal Pedro Barreto, archbishop of Huancayo, in an interview. In addition, he criticized him for not speaking out in favor of minorities in Peru.

There we have a priest [...] the priest Valverde, sorry I was wrong, the priest who is authority in Huancayo, who at this moment I forgot his name, so miserable can this person be . I've talked to him in the past few days and he thinks you're dumb, that you don't realize it. Of course, what is in favor of that power group in Peru, it never speaks in favor of the great majorities, it does not mention what we are doing”, were the comments of the premier referring to Pedro Barreto.

After these statements, Torres caused a stir in the Catholic community of Peru, earning hundreds of criticisms. He was therefore consulted on this subject at the press conference held this afternoon by the Council of Ministers.

In his defense, the prime minister explained that he did not try to insult Cardinal Barreto, but used a “popular saying” to refer to him because he did not remember his name.

“It was an interview they did to me about it. I didn't remember the name of the cardinal, so I said that about 'how miserable can this person be that I don't even remember his name' or something like that . It is a popular saying that it can be used anywhere, even in Lima,” he said.

“That was it. I wasn't looking to offend. I have also spoken with the Cardinal in previous days, he never spoke a word about the positive actions being taken by the executive branch, nor in favor of the most neglected classes. This situation worries me,” his defense continued.


Through an open letter, the Peruvian Episcopal Conference (CEP)sharply” rejected the insults of the chief of the Ministerial Cabinet against Cardinal Pedro Barreto during an interview with the website La Universidad al Aire.

In the letter, CEP stated that, in a society where dignity is not respected and where verbal violence and insults “replace” dialogue and ideas, “the future and integral growth of the society itself is jeopardized.”

“In this regard, the Peruvian Episcopal Conference strongly rejects the insults made by Dr. Aníbal Torres Vasquez, President of the Council of Ministers, against Cardinal Pedro Barreto Jimeno SJ, Archbishop of Huancayo,” he stressed.


Torres also questioned President Pedro Castillo's attempt to hold a session of the National Accord. The premier considered that this institution will not solve the crisis that the country is going through.

“The National Accord is not going to solve anything [...] What has Congress said, what has Congress done, what has the far right done to comply with that agreement of the National Agreement? Absolutely nothing. What has Mr. Fernández, who is secretary of the AN, done?” , he emphasized in reference to the elimination of vacancy due to moral incapacity.

He also criticized the Secretary General of the National Accord, Max Hernandez, of whom he assured that “he has always been on the side of the far right.”

“I say this with complete transparency, without any fear. Tomorrow I leave the premierato as if nothing [...] There's Max Hernandez, isn't it true that you're always on the far right side? The priest Barreto, isn't it true that you are always on the side of the ultra-right?” , he asserted.