Crediterreno Infonavit: how to apply for the new financing to farm your home

One of the benefits is that rightholders will be able to purchase it with as little as 980 points




The Institute of the National Fund for Housing for Workers (Infonavit) has long tablecloths, as part of its 50th anniversary it granted a new opportunity to farm its own house and access assets through the new “Crediterreno” program, financing that will be granted thanks to the reform of the Law approved in 2020.

The launch takes place within the framework of the 50th anniversary of the Institute with the aim of opening the gap of opportunity for more right-holders who seek to build. With this, people will be able to purchase a space to farm their home as they prefer.

However, Infonavit recalled that the field must have all the necessary infrastructure and services to enable stakeholders to carry out the process and meet their needs.

El puntaje puede ser menor. (Foto: Cuartoscuro)

In this way, rightful holders will be able to access Crediterreno under the following requirements:

*The space to farm must be located near health centers.

*It is also close to schools, food stores, recreational spaces and sources of employment.

*It will have to be located away from risk areas such as: caverns, geological faults, landfills, flood risk areas, among others.

The good news is that funding also has a number of benefits for workers.

What are they?

*Those who contribute to Infonavit will be able to access an individual credit for a land for residential or mixed use through the options: Infonavit Total and Infonavit Credit.

*It also has a specific points model, called B900, in which the score for applying for funding is 980 points, when the normal is 1,080 points.

*According to the institute, under this score workers who decide to acquire Crediterreno will have the possibility of accessing a bonus of between 109 and 134 points, which will be allocated depending on the entity where they acquire the land. In addition, there will be entities with higher demand for land, where a higher score can be assigned.

How to apply?

*Interested parties must submit the individual property title free of encumbrance, as well as proof of alignment, appraisal, official land number, technical opinion of the property and the official document accrediting the use of residential or mixed land.

El terreno deberá contar con algunas características. (Foto: Cuartoscuro)

*Subsequently, the beneficiary must enter the Infonavit My Account portal.

*Click on the option “I am interested in a loan” or purchase of land.

*Identify the amount of the credit and financial conditions.

*Integrate the file with the required documents.

*Fill out the credit application.

*Finally register the financing at the nearest Infonavit Service Center (CESI).

According to Infonavit, the objective is to meet the historical demand of the working class, since authorized persons will be able to buy land to build their house according to their preferences or needs.

It should be remembered that with the new reform of the Infonavit law, the beneficiaries will be able to access credit in total freedom, directly and without intermediaries. There are even those who can use the resources accumulated in the Housing Subaccount to apply for financing.