Cintia Cossio says she was drugged in Mexico: “They wanted to kill us”

Yeferson Cossio's sister was enjoying a festival in that country, when unscrupulous people mixed strange substances into her drink

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Friends and followers of influencer Cintia Cossio were quite concerned, after learning that last Sunday she had to be rushed to the hospital, in the middle of her trip to Mexico with her husband, Jhoan López, her brother Yeferson and several friends.

According to what López said, everything happened when they were enjoying a festival in Tulum and, unexpectedly, unknown and unscrupulous people applied strange substances in their energy drink.

Later, Cintia Cossio underwent an electrocardiogram and several tests that confirmed her husband's suspicions.

“Sure enough, they found two substances in Cintia's organism, so they proceeded to stabilize her and give her medicine. What a turn! I don't understand why people do this! What do they have in their heads? (...) The drugs they injected her are cleaning her and she no longer loses consciousness, as she lost it every five minutes,” added Jhoan López.

Similarly, the content creator also told his followers that the Antioquia was discharged a few hours later and at this time she is recovering from the traces left by the strange substances left in her body.

He also took the opportunity to send a strong message to those responsible for his wife's intoxication.


However, Jhoan was not the only one to comment on the matter, as a few minutes later a statement was made by Yeferson Cossio, who confirmed the version of his brother-in-law and warned that the intention of these people was to kill them.

According to the famous influencer, it all happened when seven (Colombian) women came to his table arguing that they were followers of the content they make for social networks and, after agreeing to take a photo, the men who accompanied them began to form problems.

After Cintia was taken to the nearest hospital, Yeferson Cossio and his friend Zion Hwang were threatened because they allegedly flirted with these women, but both denied that this had happened. However, they warn that if they would have had some kind of approach with them, this does not give anyone the right to attempt someone else's life.

Finally, the paisa said that he will change his attitude towards those who now come to ask him for photos and, although he is not characterized as being so, he will begin to ignore them and refuse this type of request.