Daddy Yankee: Why he made the decision to retire and the clues he gave to his fans before making his announcement

Daddy Yankee surprised his fans by announcing that he would stop singing after offering his latest tour called 'The Last Turn' in more than 10 countries.

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Daddy Yankee has caused quite a stir on social media and in the world of reggaeton since the afternoon of March 20 after announce his retirement from music with his last tour in more than 10 countries called “La Última Vuelta” which will begin in August and end in December 2022.

This news has surprised his millions of followers and as the so-called “King of Reggaetón” explains in his video published on Instagram, at the age of 45 he wants to enjoy the fruit of his work and all the success he has achieved in the last 32 years of his career.

“This race, which was a marathon, I finally see the goal. Now I'm going to enjoy all of you and everything you've given me (...) Formally today I announce my retirement from music by giving them my best production, my best concert tour “, he expressed in his clip.


In the music industry there have been many artists who have decided to put an end to their music career in an unexpected way, not before offering a last concert or releasing an album. However, what was announced by the so-called “The Big Boss” had already been rumored and here we tell you why.


The Puerto Rican singer was recognized at the 2021 Billboard Latin Awards as the first artist to receive the “Hall of Fame” award due to his extensive career and contribution to music. When the reggaeton player took the stage to give his speech, there was a phrase that did not go unnoticed by his followers.

“Thank you all, with great respect for all of you, thank you very much, and enjoy my last musical round that comes around. Thanks to all the urban talents, I respect them a lot,” he said with a prize in hand last September 2021.


The official Instagram account of Peru Concerts, published a post on February 18 where it was announced that the interpreter of the “Gasoline”, “Ella me levanto”, “What happened, happened” had included Lima among the cities that would offer his concerts.

However, something that attracted attention was the name of the tour 'The Last Turn', thus fueling speculations of its departure from the industry.

Peru Concerts announces that Daddy Yankee will have a concert in Peru
Peru Concerts announces that Daddy Yankee will have a concert in Peru

It should be noted that Daddy Yankee will stop singing, but will always be related to music since he owns his own label 'El cartel Records'. In addition, their global successes will continue to sound.

As you remember, he is considered one of the pioneers of the Latin urban genre and has sold more than 17 million copies around the world. He has also received multiple awards throughout his more than 30 years of career and has toured several times since 2004, the last one being in 2022.


Through Daddy Yankee's official website and in the last seconds of his Instagram video, it was revealed that the date chosen to enjoy his greatest hits in Lima will be next Tuesday, October 18, 2022.

Daddy Yankee will sing in Lima on October 18. (Photo: Capture/Instagram)
Daddy Yankee will sing in Lima on October 18. (Photo: Capture/Instagram)