THE HULA REPORT: Question Time for Mr. Putin

The questions that Ed Hula, Around the Rings founder, would like to ask the Russian leader.

BEHIND THE SCENES: Russia reveals the impossibility of sport being apolitical

Thomas Bach himself is convinced that sport and politics are inseparable. He explained this in 2014, a year after becoming president, in a speech at the Asian Games in Incheon, South Korea.

HULA REPORT: Russian attack dooms prospects for SportAccord

The IOC barely survives the war against the pandemic and seems ready to turn the corner towards Paris 2024. Now a new war over old grievances is looming as the next existential threat to the Olympic and world sport

BEHIND THE SCENES: From “plastic” snow to the future of “Big Air” and the impossibility of a Winter Games in the Southern Hemisphere

With long experience in evaluation and coordination commissions of the Olympic Games, José Luis Marcó analyzed in an interview with Around the Rings the changes of the last decades and the challenges for the future.

Gianni Infantino: Ridiculous remarks, a criminal probe, and a billionaire’s life paid by FIFA

The Swiss-Italian said his plan for a biennial World Cup, which UEFA, CONMEBOL and the IOC oppose, would give “hope to Africans so that they don’t need to cross” the sea and risk their lives. He was criticized for his lack of sensitivity and tried to backtrack

THE HULA REPORT: The Bubble Games

Are these Games simply too big to cancel?

BEHIND THE SCENES: Beijing 2022 opted for discretion, even sending a message to the world about the Uyghur conflict

China understood that the world was waiting for the Games, but that the world is not for games.

BEHIND THE SCENES: What started badly ended well, but Australian Open and tennis itself have storms ahead before 2023

The problem stemming from a world number one who perceives himself to be above the rules is there, and it goes beyond Australia to become a painful third wheel of an entire sport, of tennis itself.

BEHIND THE SCENES: The “Chinese years” come to an end in a month, but the legacy for the Olympic world is already clear

Those years had a decisive influence on the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and on the two presidents who had to manage Juan Antonio Samaranch’s legacy.

THE HULA REPORT: Olympic Pause for Russia Ukraine Drama

Russian President Vladimir Putin plays a game of three dimensional chess over Ukraine. The Olympics are part of the strategy. If history provides any lessons, look to the Sochi 2014 Games.

BEHIND THE SCENES: Djokovic’s loneliness and the threat to an immutable history that is not so immutable

Vaccinated, Djokovic was in a position to try to achieve what he brushed in 2021: win the Grand Slam, the conquest of the four major tournaments in the same season. Without a vaccine, Djokovic could be the protagonist of a Grand Slam in reverse: the tennis player destined to be the most successful of all time and who does not play any of the four major tournaments.

THE HULA REPORT: Nostalgia for the Olympic World of PyeongChang

Ed Hula dials back into his email inbox from 2018. And he finds some very interesting things. It’s a world much different than 2022 as the Beijing WInter Olympics approach.

Difficult times call for strong leadership and Thomas Bach is delivering

The IOC president and the Olympic Movement are thriving under trying circumstances

THE HULA REPORT: The IOC, Olympics Endure the Era of Disruption

President Thomas Bach has become a sort of disrupter-in-chief, advocating changes that toss out the status quo, which is under assault.

A CLOSER LOOK: The World Athletics Championships will be held in the U.S. in 2022, but is that a good thing?

There are plenty of obstacles to overcome before the world’s best track and field athletes compete next summer

BEHIND THE SCENES: From the Roman Empire to the fake Peng Shuai: in the midst of the storm, Thomas Bach takes the helm of the Olympic ship with force

The IOC President had to appeal to ancient history to defend his policy and to forcefulness to demolish the idea that China is cheating the olympic body. He praised the “new” sports, surfing, skateboarding and sport climbing.

BEHIND THE SCENES: Combining pressures from politics and sports on Beijing 2022 opens up unexplored prospects

In just a matter of days, two very different institutions, but both led by U.S. progressives - the White House and the WTA - stepped forward.

BEHIND THE SCENES: Becoming more urban and popular, polo’s plan to return to the Olympics

Today, the Games have surfing, skateboarding and climbing, three sports unimaginable in the Olympic program until a few years ago. Polo took note of that and wants to follow the same path.

THE COLUMN: Pere Miró, the IOC mediator with Samaranch, Rogge and Bach who sits again in front of the Taliban as he did a quarter of a century ago

The Spanish expert could have dealt with up to 200 cases of varying magnitude in the Olympic Movement, among them the negotiation for the participation of the two Koreas in Pyeonchang 2018 and in the recent IOC humanitarian operation in Afghanistan.

A Closer Look: Richard Jewell never wanted the attention. Most heroes don’t

The focal point of the Centennial Olympic Park bombing in more ways than one, slowly but surely Jewell is being recognized for his heroic actions in Atlanta.

THE COLUMN: Muhammad Ali, 25 years later: From Atlanta to Havana and the new boxing reality

Nico Ali Walsh, 21, is the grandson of Muhammad Ali and has already scored two knockouts in his only appearances since his debut in August.

A CLOSER LOOK Bronze medals are nice and silver are even better, but nothing shines like gold

The 1980 Lake Placid Winter Games began a lifelong love affair with the Olympics and its ultimate reward.

BEHIND THE SCENES Does the Olympic world owe something to Spain? Yes, maybe so

If Spain couldn’t win with a Madrid that for 2020 had the best technical qualification, why would it have to do so for 2030 against winter sports behemoths and cities with winter Olympic history like Nagano, Salt Lake City or Vancouver?

Hula Report: Countdown to Beijing Olympic agony

The 2022 Winter Olympics will test patience of athletes. sponsors, officials and media.

The Hula Report: Winds of Change for ANOC in Crete

New leaders coming for peak Olympic group. Whether other candidates emerge in the months ahead, a contested election for the ANOC presidency will be a first for the organization.

If Infantino prevails and there is a World Cup every two years, soccer will die

The FIFA president is touring several countries seeking support for his project. However, UEFA, CONMEBOL, the players and even the International Olympic Committee are against it. This op-ed summarizes the risks and the reasons behind the idea

FIFA’s bet is very clear: a wave of prior support so that the IOC, UEFA and CONMEBOL cannot refuse to discuss the idea of the World Cup being held every two years

There are times when soccer politics is quite simple: a good part of FIFA’s strategy is exposed on its website, for all to see.

The World Cup every two years, a political battle where everyone can lose out

Gianni Infantino’s proposal can open many Pandora’s Boxes. It is opening them already, in fact.

When the health bubble bursts and soccer is out in the open, FIFA knows the time has come

Brazil and Argentina were at the center of one of the most astonishing scandals of recent times on Sunday. A situation in which the Premier League, FIFA and the so-called “state clubs” are taking a stand.

OpEd: The Keys to Tokyo’s Success - How Tokyo 2020 Pulled Off the Games That Many Believed Too Dangerous & Wanted Cancelled

While athletes performed at awe inspiring levels in Tokyo, The Opinionist says the controversy and conjecture that surrounded the Games has overshadowed the organization that made Tokyo 2020 possible and successful.