Statement by the International Boxing Association (AIBA)

IOC, Boxing Federation on Collision Course

(ATR) IOC calls situation "grave" 

Boxing Prepares For Pivotal Election with Only One Candidate

(ATR) Despite IOC warnings against his candidacy, Gafur Rahimov is running unopposed for AIBA president.

ATR First: Fired Executive Attacks, Olympic Boxing Federation Denies Siege

(ATR) AIBA rejects reports of financial doom … its fired executive director punches back. ATR's Ed Hula reports.

AIBA Avoids Blows from Critic, Stands United

(ATR) National Boxing Federations reiterate support for AIBA chief CK Wu and ratify changes to judging.

Boxing Federation Rejects Accusations

(ATR) IOC President Thomas Bach and boxing federation president C.K. Wu meet in Lausanne amid governance concerns.

AIBA Statement - AIBA examined the letter sent by former Executive Director Mr. Kim dated December 15, 2016, which you all received.

Boxing Federation Fights Accusations, IOC

(ATR) Millions on hold for AIBA as IOC reviews governance concerns.

Boxing Federation Facing More Media Scrutiny

(ATR) The New York Times reports the AIBA president may know more than he claims about a $10 million loan.

AIBA Denies Link between Loan and Boxing Results

(ATR) The international boxing federation rejects claims that an Azerbaijan loan influenced outcomes in the ring.

Boxing Fed Fires Longtime Executive

(ATR) Ho Kim served as executive director of AIBA for eight years.

Turmoil Said to Cost Major Sponsor for Boxing

(ATR) The latest governance row for the International Boxing Association supposedly costs the federation a $2.8 million sponsorship. Ed Hula reports from the AIBA Congress in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

On the Scene: Boxing in Almaty - World Series Exhibition, New Scoring, Elections Ahead for AIBA

(ATR) An exhibition match in Almaty for the World Series of Boxing on the eve of the AIBA Congress … Elections, a new scoring system on the agenda; England a no-show in Kazakhstan.