Jair Bolsonaro: “Colombia acaba de elegir a un guerrillero del M-19, parecido a Dilma Rousseff”

El presidente de Brasil comparó a Gustavo Petro, ganador de los comicios del domingo pasado, con la ex jefa de Estado del gigante sudamericano. También indicó que los colombianos comenzarán a abandonar su país

Boric cumple un mes de gobierno aún en busca de armonizarse con las exigencias de Chile

Elecciones en Brasil: Lula dijo que si llega al poder gobernará con jóvenes y descartó a Dilma Rousseff para un puesto de relevancia

Aseguró que su sucesora no tiene “paciencia” para estar en política. El ex presidente, que lidera todas las encuestas de intención de voto, todavía no ha hecho oficial su candidatura

Gustavo Petro recibirá el apoyo de Dilma Rousseff y Lula da Silva para su campaña presidencial

El precandidato del Pacto Histórico fue respaldado por la expresidente de Brasil, quien asistió al lanzamiento de la Red de Mujeres Progresistas de América Latina en Bogotá

Bolsonaro hospitalizado para tratar nueva obstrucción intestinal

South Korea Impeachment a Familiar Olympic Story

(ATR) An impeachment of the leader of an Olympic host country? It is not a foreign occurrence these days.

The Olympics Are Gone, So Now What?

(ATR) ATR spoke to researchers to see what may happen to Rio de Janeiro now that the Olympics have finished. 

Post Olympics Politics - Dilma Rousseff Impeached

(ATR) The president of Brazil who helped deliver the Olympics is expelled from office...

Impeachment Trial Could Cause 'Many Difficulties' for Games

(ATR) The unfinished impeachment trial of Dilma Rousseff could be a headache for organizers if completed during the Olympics. 

Dilma to be Invited to Rio Opening Ceremony

(ATR) Rousseff will be invited to sit in the section with former Brazilian presidents due to her suspension from office.

UPDATED - Tokyo Governor Quits Over Expenses Scandal

(ATR) A scandal over spending on travel and luxury goods forces out a leader of the Tokyo Olympics.

Agenda 2020 Will Be 'Fully Embedded' at Rio 2016 -- ATRadio

(ATR) IOC executive director Christophe Dubi talks Rio’s Olympic challenges in an exclusive interview with ATR’s Rio correspondent Aaron Bauer.

Rio Olympics Unaffected by Government Upheaval

(ATR) Rio 2016 organizers expect continuity in preparing for the Games, although a new government is in place.

UPDATED - IOC President Reacts After Rousseff Put on Trial

(ATR) Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff will play no part in Rio Olympics after the senate on Thursday voted 55-22 to impeach her.

New Wrinkle in Brazil Impeachment Process - Rio Roundup

(ATR) Also: John Coates weighs in on Rio 2016 preps.

Rio Olympic Flame Arrives in Brazil -- On the Scene

(ATR) Rio 2016 chief Carlos Nuzman brings the flame to Brasilia and speaks alongside president Dilma Rousseff at start of torch relay

Rio Deserves Good Luck: OpEd -- Top Story Replay

(ATR) With 100 days to the Rio Olympics, ATR Editor Ed Hula says what the Games need most is a run of boa sorte.

Olympic Flame Ready for Swiss Visit

(ATR) The United Nations and Olympic Museum will welcome the Olympic Flame on April 29.

Rio Deserves Good Luck: OpEd

(ATR) With 100 days to the Rio Olympics, ATR Editor Ed Hula says what the Games need most is a run of boa sorte.

Impeachment Vote Consumes Brazil -- On the Scene

(ATR) Rio de Janeiro saw two protests as the Brazilian lower house voted to continue impeachment proceedings against President Rousseff

IOC Positive that Rio 2016 'Fundamentals in Place'

(ATR) IOC Executive Director Christophe Dubi tells ATR that with the major challenges achieved, the Games are on the right track.

Presidential Presence for Aquatics Inauguration in Rio

(ATR) A rare public appearance by Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff greeted the Olympic Aquatics Center inauguration.

Brazilian President Cancels Rio Olympic Flame Lighting Trip

Dilma Rousseff abandons plans to attend April 21 torch lighting ceremony for unspecified reasons, Spyros Capralos tells ATR

Ricardo Leyser Appointed Brazil's Acting Sports Minister UPDATED

(ATR) Ricardo Leyser tells ATR he is thankful for his appointment, and is confident a great Olympics will come from Brazil.

Rousseff Aide Hints at Sports Ministry Shakeup

(ATR) George Hilton may be on his way out as sports minister.

Rio Olympic Preparations Escape Political Crisis

(ATR) No matter what happens in the Brazil sports ministry, the Olympics will be unaffected, reports ATR bureau chief Aaron Bauer,

Confusion in Brazilian Sports Ministry

(ATR) Minister George Hilton has switched parties to remain in his position.

Corruption Scandal Protests Grip Brazil -- On the Scene

(ATR) Thousands take to the streets of Rio de Janeiro for anti-government protests... ATR Rio bureau chief Aaron Bauer reports

Rio Opens Year of Olympics -- OpEd

(ATR) The New Year celebration means escape for Brazilians as the Olympics approach. On the scene with Around the Rings Rio bureau chief Aaron Bauer.

President, Mayor Open Rio Port Revitalization Centerpiece

(ATR) In time for the Olympics the centerpiece of the Rio port redevelopment is ready...

Presidential Assurances Given for Metro Line 4

(ATR) Organizers say the $250 million needed to finish the metro will arrive soon.

"Great Progress" Made in Rio During Tough Times

(ATR) Thomas Bach says political crises plaguing Brazil will have no impact on the 2016 Olympic Games. 

IOC Says Rio Contract Audits "Not Necessary"

(ATR) The IOC tells ATR that all Rio contracts were done with the city -- not companies in trouble for corruption.

Rio 2016 "Confident and Prepared" for Olympic Security Threats

(ATR) Security leaders from Brazil and 60 countries are in Rio finalizing Olympic plans. Aaron Bauer reports from Rio.

Anti-Government Protests Consume Copacabana Beach

(ATR) Move over road cycling test event: protesters pack Copacabana Beach. ATR's Aaron Bauer is on the scene.

IOC VP Downplays Issues at Rio Lagoa Despite Illnesses

(ATR) John Coates tells ATR he believes the water quality will be a lingering issue for sailing, but not for rowing. 

With Year to Go, Rio Invites 206 NOCs to Olympics -- Top Story Replay

(ATR) From Wednesday: Carlos Nuzman, Dilma Rousseff and Thomas Bach invite the world's athletes to the 2016 Games.

One Year to Go Celebration in Rio -- Photodesk

(ATR) Fewer than 365 days remain until Rio 2016. ATR was on the scene for One Year to Go celebrations.

206 NOCs Invited to Rio de Janeiro -- On the Scene

(ATR) Carlos Nuzman, Dilma Rousseff and Thomas Bach invite the athletes of the world to Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Olympics.

Rio Prepares for Final Olympic Push

(ATR) With one year to go to the Olympic Games, it is all hands on deck for Rio 2016.