ATR First: IOC Rejects AIBA Reforms, Presidential Election

(ATR) The IOC says boxing at risk for Paris 2024 program.

#ICYMI: Setbacks for Ex-AIBA President, World Rugby Elections

#ICYMI -- In Case You Missed It ... Sometimes the best stories don't get the attention we think they deserve.

AIBA Collapse Compared to Iraq Demise

(ATR) The splintered Olympic boxing federation is looking for yet another president.

Rakhimov Resigns AIBA Presidency

(ATR) Gafur Rakhimov, the Uzbek-born Russian businessman, is officially out after a controversial 18-month reign.

AIBA Leaders Block Return of Rakhimov to Presidency

(ATR) Boxing federation officials voted today to prevent Gafur Rakhimov from returning as AIBA president.

Olympic Boxing Fed Faces Uncertain Future

(ATR) The IOC endorses a takeover of AIBA for the Tokyo Olympics.

AIBA Dropped from Tokyo Olympics

(ATR) The IOC suspends the International Boxing Federation but keeps boxing in the 2020 Olympics.

Mohamed Moustahsane elected AIBA Interim President

AIBA Executive Committee extends deep appreciation to President Rahimov

Revolving Door for Olympic Boxing Federation

(ATR) A Moroccan boxing leader is the latest president for AIBA.

Ethics Cases Open IOC Meetings in Lausanne

(ATR) IOC ethics chiefs are expected to consider the cases of Tsunekazu Takeda and Sheikh Ahmad on Tuesday 

AIBA President Resigns: Press Release

AIBA Executive Director Defends Rakhimov as President

(ATR) Tom Virgets meets with reporters ahead of the boxing federation's critical meeting with the IOC on Thursday.

Boxing Fed Aims for Media Punch

(ATR) Media briefing from AIBA as IOC studies the federation's fitness to govern Olympic boxing

AIBA Executive Committee meeting highlights unity & progress in Istanbul

AIBA Suggests IOC Ad Hoc Inquiry Committee Kick-off Meeting for Early January

Boxing Fed Welcomes IOC Inquiry

(ATR) The week begins with AIBA facing new scrutiny that could lead to its Olympic demise.

AIBA Restores Healthy Finances to the Delight of its Members

IOC Executive Board Initiates an Inquiry into AIBA

AIBA Fully Complies with World Anti-Doping Code

AIBA Executive Committee lifts provisional suspension of Vice President Franco Falcinelli

India Hosts High Caliber Boxing

(ATR) Boxing fed says New Delhi delivers electric atmosphere for Women’s World Championships.

New Zealand to Host Women's Rugby World Cup 2021 -- Federation Focus

Also: IBU meets with RBU to discuss reinstatement; AIBA Women's World Boxing Championships open

Boxing Aims to Become Model Federation

(ATR) AIBA says it is confident the IOC will recognize that changes are coming for the federation.

IOC: Won't Be Fooled by AIBA Changes

(ATR) The icy relations remain ... no meeting planned for IOC President and newly-elected president of Olympic boxing fed.

AIBA Newly Elected Executive Committee Meet for the First Time

Gafur Rahimov elected as AIBA President

Boxing Federation Elects New President in Moscow

(ATR) The election of Gafur Rakhimov may put the the ancient sport at risk for the Tokyo Olympics.

AIBA Congress Defeats Rules Change

(ATR) Olympic boxing federation AIBA rejects change favoring interim president.

Moscow Election Looms for Olympic Boxing

(ATR) Two candidates for president, boxing's future at stake.