Low key IOC presence at the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly

No speech this year by IOC President Thomas Bach though two IOC members who are also heads of state are speaking this week.

Afghanistan female athletes find new homes Down Under and in Europe after fleeing the Taliban

Taekwondo and youth soccer the latest sports to successfully get athletes out of Afghanistan following the return to power of the Taliban.

Cricket complication for the Taliban: no women, no international competition

The problem for the Taliban is that they may not have changed in the last 20 years, but the world and sport have.

What a ban on women in sports could mean for Afghanistan’s sporting future

The Taliban’s stance against women taking part in sports would also likely have a knock-on effect on men competing in international events.

Leyenda del comandante Masud sigue viva en Afganistán pese al nuevo régimen talibán

IOC president details Olympic community efforts to get Afghans out of danger after Taliban return to power

Thomas Bach says the Afghanistan NOC remains under IOC recognition, noting that the current leadership was democratically elected in 2019. But he says the IOC will be monitoring what happens in the future. The story had been revealed on August 31 in an article by Miguel Hernandez in Around the Rings

Afghan taekwondo fighter Zakia Khudadadi competes in the sport’s Paralympic debut in Tokyo

Khudadadi follows teammate Hossain Rasouli, who recorded a new personal best distance in the men’s long jump T47 event on Tuesday.

Afghan women cyclists brought to safety in Europe

Afghan athlete Hossain Rasouli sets personal best in men’s long jump at the Paralympics days after escaping his country

Rasouli arrived in Tokyo on August 28, a day after his he was to compete in the 100m T47 event. The IPC allowed him to take part in the long jump instead.

The IOC carried out a major humanitarian operation by evacuating a large number of athletes from Afghanistan thanks to a “global solidarity network”

Around The Rings confirmed that the Afghan IOC member, Samira Asghari, is out of danger. In a letter to the Olympic movement, the IOC notes that it only recognizes the current Afghan Olympic Committee, despite the departure of its leadership.

Menos de 250 estadounidenses aún deben ser evacuados de Afganistán (funcionario EEUU)

La llegada "extremadamente conmovedora" de los dos deportistas afganos a los Juegos Paralímpicos

Afghanistan Paralympics team will compete in Tokyo after arriving in Japan from Paris

The two athletes, who are at the Paralympic Village, have been given a special exemption from any media duties while at Tokyo 2020.

IPC statement: arrival of the Afghanistan Paralympic team in Tokyo

On Saturday (28 August) evening, the Afghan athletes Zakia Khudadadi and Hossain Rasouli were warmly welcomed to the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Village by IPC President Andrew Parsons and IPC Athletes’ Council Chairperson Chelsey Gotell.

Cinco mujeres afganas de un célebre equipo de robótica llegaron a México

La presidencia de Biden sacudida hasta la médula por ataque en Kabul

"No están solos": voluntarios ayudan a evacuados afganos a sentirse como en casa en EEUU

Female athletes flee Afghanistan: wheelchair basketball player arrives in Spain, soccer players in Australia

Numerous athletes at risk under Taliban rule could be left in Kabul as the end of evacuation deadline nears.

IPC says Afghanistan’s two Paralympic athletes have been evacuated to “a safe place”

While their current whereabouts are unconfirmed, Zakia Khudadadi and Hossain Rasouli were reported to have landed in Australia.

EEUU moviliza aviones comerciales para salir de Afganistán, un dispositivo poco usado

Flag of Afghanistan to be displayed at Tokyo Paralympic opening ceremony as a “sign of solidarity”

The country’s two athletes are unable to safely travel to the Paralympics due to the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan.

Judo: The Way to Freedom From Almost Inescapable Kabul

Suspendidas por horas evacuaciones desde Kabul por congestión en base de EEUU en Catar

Talibanes tienen acceso mínimo a reservas financieras de Afganistán, asegura presidente del BC

Refugee Paralympic Team swimmer Abbas Karimi to be the only Afghan at Tokyo 2020

A Cuban refugee and former U.S. Paralympic swimmer will be the chef de mission for the team, which will open the parade of delegations on Aug. 24.

Los talibanes recuperaron una "buena parte" del armamento estadounidense

Afghanistan’s two athletes to miss Paralympic Games following Taliban takeover

Zakia Khudadadi would have been the first woman from Afghanistan to compete at a Paralympic Games. The future of women’s sports in the country is now in doubt with the return of the Taliban.

¿Qué pasa en Afganistán?

IPC announces six athletes to compete for the Refugee Paralympic Team at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games

IPC announces six athletes to compete for the Refugee Paralympic Team at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games