Greeicy and Mike Bahia's baby was born

With a touching photograph, the Colombian singer announced that the actress also gave birth, apparently, this Thursday, April 21

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On the morning of this Thursday, April 21, it became known that the baby of Greeicy and Mike Bahia was already born. With a tender photo, the Colombian singer enthusiastically announced that his fiancée gave birth.

Apparently, the baby would have been born in the last hours, because last Wednesday afternoon the singer and actress uploaded her latest story to Instagram and she was not yet in labor.

This morning, through his Instagram account, Mike Bahia shared a photo of his baby's prints on his forearm.

“From today we leave our mark compañera @greeicy I admire you, respect you and celebrate you; you continue to take me to another level! YOU'RE AMAZING. I LOVE YOU ALWAYS!” , was the message that the singer wrote along with the photo on the social network.


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