Angela Aguilar spoke about her scandal with Gussy Lau: “Ready for what's next”

The singer was caught at the airport in New York, where she and her dad referred to their exhibited affair with Gussy Lau

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After a couple of photographs emerged on social media in mid-March where Ángela Aguilar is seen very closely with the composer Gussy Lau, the images caused a stir because that meant that the singer from the Mexican regional had hidden from her fans that she is having a probably loving relationship, or at least close, with the musician.

After confirming the news by the lyricist himself, who is older for 15 years than the youngest of the so-called “Aguilar dynasty”, the public has kept an eye on what the interpreter of Ahí den vés me has to say.

However, Angela published a few days ago a video where she claimed to feel violated and violated in her privacy, since the images where she is seen romantically with Gussy Lau were released anonymously by a close relative to the couple, who took screenshots.

Ángela Aguilar said she felt violated in her privacy when she was the subject of the leak of some photographs Video: Instagram/ @angela_aguilar_

After that, a few days later the entire Aguilar family moved to Paris, where its members spent time walking the streets of the French capital and from where they shared postcards with their followers, with the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower of witnesses.

The trip that Pepe, Aneliz, Aneliz Jr., Leonardo and Ángela Aguilar took place in the midst of the scandal that keeps the “Mexican girl in love” in the public eye, since the young woman has not declared anything about her exhibited romance with the 33-year-old man, which is why the family “laid land” in the middle and its members moved to European country.

Los Aguilar se encuentran en Francia, en medio del escándalo que atraviesa Ángela por su mediático romance con el compositor Gussy Lau (Foto: Instagram)
Los Aguilar se encuentran en Francia, en medio del escándalo que atraviesa Ángela por su mediático romance con el compositor Gussy Lau (Foto: Instagram)

Pepe and Angela had not spoken about it, but now they made some statements for the program El Gordo y la flaca, from the New York airport, where the so-called “princess of the Mexican regional” sent a message to those who continue to talk about their leaked photos, while the son of Antonio Aguilar and Flor Silvestre mentioned that it was not the time to talk about it and said that he loves his family “and will always defend it”.

Hearing that her audience supports her and is with her right now, Angela commented: “I love you more, and I am very happy and grateful. I am ready for what is next this year, to continue to release music and I thank them for their support”, not to mention directly the controversy in which it is involved.

Angela mentioned that she doesn't think they want to hurt her by leaking the images, or by uncovering the relationship she didn't talk about: "“No, I don't think so; I think everyone is living their life just like me, and may God bless them all”

Instagram: pepeaguilar_oficial | angela_aguilaroficial
Instagram: pepeaguilar_oficial | angela_aguilaroficial

In addition, the 18-year-old refused to send a message against those who have criticized her first for hiding her alleged relationship, and then for hooking up with a man 15 years older than her: “Honestly not, pure love, pure peace and pure good vibes for all.”

But it was Pepe who was more hermetic and refused to send a message to the detractors of his youngest daughter: “If you gave me the wish this would not be the place to tell you, because we are outside an airport and it is a television tabloid, if you are talking about family things, that is how life is, that's how it should be, that's how it is the way my parents taught me,” he said.

Instagram: pepeaguilar_oficial | angela_aguilaroficial
Instagram: pepeaguilar_oficial | angela_aguilaroficial

However, the singer from rancheras revealed that the time will come to talk openly about the subject: “I just don't want to talk. I am not going to make this situation any bigger than it is, the truth is, in due course if we have to talk, we will talk, when I have something to talk about, which most likely there is, they already know me, and they know that I love and adore my family, and I will always defend it, but let's wait so long”, emphasized Pepe Aguilar.