CJNG narcomanta on Good Friday threatens MP: “Do what we pay you for”

The forces of the “Mencho” signed the drug message deployed on a canvas in San Pedro Tlaquepaque, where they accused the alleged bribery received by the criminal group

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References to the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) were once again present in the public space with the discovery of a narcomanta with warnings to an alleged public prosecutor in Tlaquepaque.

According to local reports, the canvas was hung on a vehicular bridge in Periferico in the San Sebastianito neighborhood, on Jesús Michel González Avenue. Authorities located the drug message before noon on Good Friday and then withdrew it.

“MP FELIPE GARCIA JIMENEZ YOU HAVE ALREADY BEEN TOLD THAT IF YOU ARE ON OUR PAYROLL YOU CANNOT BE PLAYING ON TWO SIDES (sic)”, it was read in the narcomanta displayed on a white background and black letters.

“DO WHAT WE PAY YOU FOR AND BE LOYAL. There will be no more CJNG notices”, added the threats to the alleged ministerial agent.


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