Becky G copied Karol G's look to sing her part of 'MAMIII' and this was the reaction of the paisa

The urban singers released the song jointly last February

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In the field of the urban music industry, Karol G and Becky G are two of the singers who bear the label of having a high popularity because of their work, their songs. Everyone separately has their recognition, their fans, their career. However, together they have managed to accumulate a good amount of praise for the song they released collaboratively last February: 'Mamiii'.

If we talk about views on YouTube, so far this time the song goes by the figure of more than one hundred million. In addition, the song plays here and there on social networks, broadcasters and anywhere. In fact, as Becky G herself said these days: “Mamiii breaking up”. However, this was not the only thing that the Mexican-American singer commented on how well received her song in conjunction with the Colombian song has been.

Last Sunday, March 20, the performer of 'En mi contra' published a video in which she is seen using a blue hair filter, later, she developed in the mimic of the stanzas sung by Karol G who, as is known, has had hair in blue tone for a long time.

“I'm sorry, your desire to return died in the attempt, you made it look like you wasted your time, you looked good because I don't even tell what I do. I see you on the networks, I can't believe it, what a shame about you. I was good and what a gonorre* paying me like that. Two-legged rat, said it Paquita, a creeping animal that eats everything that goes through, devil, you are a leather”, is what the singer Paisa interprets in 'Mamiii'.

In addition to this video, Becky G also reported her fanaticism for her colleague and song partner, since she wrote in the caption: “Karol G fan number 1. Becky G x Karol G = Real G's baby. 'Mamiii breaking up'”. So, seeing among the comments of this post, you can find some words from Karol G about what was shared by the Mexican-American singer, the performer of 'El barco' could only flatter Becky's image with the aforementioned filter.

Becky G simulates Karol G's look to sing her part of 'Mamii' and this was the reaction of the paisa. Photo: Instagram
Becky G simulates Karol G's look to sing her part of 'Mamii' and this was the reaction of the paisa. Photo: Instagram

As could be seen by quoting a stanza of the song earlier, the urban singers performed the premiere of this collaborative song that, among its lines, recalls the popular song by Paquita la del Barrio: 'Rata de dos patas'.

Given this musical reference, the Mexican performer had something to say and she did it from her Instagram account: “Thank you for paying me this tribute and what better than singing to those useless toxic 2-legged rats!” , in turn, the artist labeled both urban singers.

Among the list of collaborations that Becky G has made with Colombian singers are two other reggaetoneros: J Balvin and Maluma. With the first one he released in 2015 the remix of 'Can't Stop Dancin'. Now, regarding the second urban singer to be named, the artist has a song called 'La response', which the public has been able to listen to since 2019.