Irving enchants his Nets victory over Orlando Magic

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Star Kyrie Irving scored 60 career high points with a clear victory over the Brooklyn Nets against Orlando Magic on Tuesday, overflowing with 150-108 beats.

With the victory, Nets extended his winning streak thanks to Irving's outstanding performance, who had already scored 50 points for his victory over Charlotte Hornets last week.

This time, Irving presented another performance on history against the Amway Center in Orlando, the magic he had met at home.

Irving broke the record for the best of his career, which was 57 points for winning the San Antonio Spurs at the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2015.

The 29-year-old All-Star scored 20 out of 31 field shots, including 8 out of 12 3-point attempts.

The Nets accumulated 48 points in the first quarter alone and added 38 points to the second set, leading 86-56 widely at halftime.

Irving donated 41 points in the devastating first half of the year, leaving 16 points in his personal record.

In the third quarter, with a lay-up, Irving reached 50 points in the sixth match with that amount in his career, which caused the appreciation song of “Kyrie, Kyrie” from the Orlando crowd.

Two free throws later set a record at age 57 and saw them reach the 60 card mark with three pointers.

Irving's points came 24 hours after Minnesota Timberwolves won over Spurs by scoring 60 points in Carl Anthony Towns.

This is the first time other players have scored more than 60 points in a row in the NBA since 1962.

Six other Nets players ended up with a double-digit score, Kevin Durant scored 19 points, Patti Mills scored 15 points, Kessler Edwards scored 14 points, and Cole Anthony led Orlando to 19 points.

This is Brooklyn's fourth consecutive win, with a record of 36-33 to maintain the hope of reaching the playoffs directly.

Nets won three victories behind the Cavaliers, who took sixth place in the eighth place at the Eastern Conference.

Orlando continues to decline at the Eastern Conference, with a negative balance of 18-52.