An influx of refugees from Ukraine floods asylum centers in Switzerland

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Geneva, March 16 The reception center in Switzerland, which has registered 6,482 refugees from Ukraine so far, is already overwhelmed by applications for asylum, but it is estimated that the Central European country will receive a national television RTS, up to 60,000 people in the country, highlighted today. According to the Secretary of State for Migration, out of 6,482 registered refugees, 3,642 are housed in the aforementioned asylum centers (currently occupying about 5,000 people) and 2,840 are housed in private homes. Many of these refugees had to wait in line to apply for a special residence permit recently approved by Switzerland for this Ukrainian exodus. There are fewer procedures and waiting periods than regular refugees and can stay in Switzerland for at least one year. According to the RTS, long queues take place in six reception centers on the territory of Switzerland, which are prepared for the arrival of Ukrainians, but especially in the reception center in Zurich, which is currently receiving most of this flow. Other centers are located in Basel, Bern, Chiasso, Altstetten and Boudri. The Ministry of Immigration said that Ukrainians who have not yet obtained a residence permit are sleeping in temporary accommodation, such as the one recently opened next to the Zurich train station. The city is a city that will arrange local sports stadiums for this purpose. Some of the refugee children have already begun to attend school in some Swiss states, and since they were allowed to enter the territory of Ukraine without strict observance of the conditions of quarantine, there is also a special treatment for pets brought by many Ukrainians, explained the RTS. Since the beginning of the war, more than 16,000 Swiss families have registered to accept refugees escaping the war in Ukraine. abc/jack