LA 2028 CEO Moves to New Role

(ATR) Gene Sykes will join LA 2028 board, stay on as advisor.

(ATR) LA 2028 chief executive officer Gene Sykes will be leaving his post in the coming weeks but will stay on with the organization.

Beginning on January 1, he will transition to a new advisory role with a formal invitation to join the LA 2028 board.

Casey Wasserman will remain as chair and president of the organization.

Sykes served as CEO of the LA 2024 and LA 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Candidature Committee, joining the effort in 2015. Since the IOC awarded Los Angeles the 2028 Games, Sykes has been working with Wasserman to oversee the successful transition into an organizing committee.

"On behalf of all of us at LA28, I want to thank Gene for his friendship, his leadership, and his passion for seeing the Games return to his native Los Angeles," said Wasserman in a statement. "We are grateful for Gene’s contribution to the next chapter of Los Angeles’ Olympic and Paralympic story and appreciate the diligent work he’s done to build our organizing committee’s foundation. We are well positioned for our journey ahead."

Sykes’ familiarity with the Olympic and Paralympic Movement and his experience as a finance executive will be useful as the new LA 2028 organizing committee begins its commercial program. In 2019, LA 2028 is expected to begin partnership sales, refine its Games plan and roll out its youth sport program.

"Working with Casey and the rest of the LA28 team has been a remarkable experience," said Sykes. "I am proud of our accomplishments and look forward to continuing to support the mission of LA 2028 as the Olympic and Paralympic Games come to Los Angeles."

Upon joining LA 2024, Sykes stepped down from his leadership positions at Goldman Sachs and served the firm in a limited capacity. His new responsibilities with LA 2028 will mean he will be able to return to his previous positions at Goldman Sachs on a full-time basis.

Written by Gerard Farek

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