The video of the serious accident suffered by Freddy Rincón, which is still in critical condition

The crash occurred at 4:30 in the morning on Monday and the former footballer suffers from “severe head trauma”

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Security cameras recorded the exact moment when the van Freddy Rincón was riding crashes with an article from MIO. Video: The Country of Cali (Twitter @elpaiscali)

During the early hours of Monday, the iconic Colombian footballer Freddy Rincón suffered a serious accident in the city of Cali and was admitted with a “severe head trauma” at the Imbanaco Clinic, where according to the last medical report his health condition remains “very critical”. Local authorities quickly searched for security cameras in the area to investigate the incident and the video appeared on social media within a few hours.

Police reports reported that the impact occurred at 4:30 in the morning in the sector known as Las Banderas. It was a traffic accident between a bus from the Massive Integrated of the West (MIO) and a Ford 4x4 van, where Freddy Rincón was mobilizing with a group of friends, who were also injured.

The camera shows how the private vehicle in which the footballer was riding crosses the intersection without slowing down and suddenly the bus that rammed him at high speed appears. Passenger transport was embedded against a traffic light, with the front completely destroyed. Meanwhile, the van where Freddy Rincón was traveling ended up a few meters ahead of the highway, on a platform, and with visible damage to the right side. No one got out of any of the vehicles until help arrived.

After the impact, it is possible to observe that the traffic light changes color from top to bottom, indicating the transition to green in order to move forward. In a matter of seconds, some people passing through the area approached to check what happened.

According to police sources, the identities of those who were accompanying Freddy Rincón in the van were not yet released. However, some local media reports speak of two women and one man. On the other hand, the authorities did not reveal whether or not the private vehicle belonged to the former footballer. Meanwhile, the driver of the bus suffered injuries although at the time of the collision, but it did not leak whether his frame is serious or not.

The undersecretary of traffic in Cali, Edwin Candelo, reported that the driver of the public transport bus was tested for breathalyzer, which was negative. However, there is still no certainty as to who was driving the Ford van. “We believe that, due to the impact, the former footballer was more as a co-driver than as a driver. He could not be given a breathalyzer test due to his critical condition,” he added.

The W Radio program reported that the Ford 4x4 that suffered the onslaught by the bus did not have the Compulsory Traffic Accident Insurance (Soat), since it had been expired since December 1, 2021.