Global concern: Freddy Rincón remains in “critical condition” after serious accident and investigating who was driving the vehicle

The former Colombian footballer is under medical care after what happened. His son Sebastian, a footballer from Barracas Central in Argentina, applied for leave and traveled to Colombia to accompany his father

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A former player of the caliber of Freddy Rincón, who wore the Real Madrid jersey and was part of the golden generation that ranked Colombia in three consecutive world championships (1990, 1994 and 1998), has everyone on their toes because he is hospitalized in intensive care after starring in a glaring accident of transit this Monday in Cali. According to the last medical report, his condition is still “very critical”

The 55-year-old former player — who also played for Napoli, Palmeiras and Corinthians, among other teams — had to undergo surgery for injuries he suffered when the van he was riding in was rammed by a bus.

According to Jorge Iván Ospina, mayor of Cali, the incident occurred at 4:11 in the morning. The Ford UGR-410 license plate truck that Rincón was riding in hit a bus of the MIO mass transit system on its way to the El Perro park sector.

The footage from a security camera in the area, which was released by local media, shows that they were not traveling at high speed when the vehicle crosses at an intersection and the bus rammed it on the co-pilot's side. It is investigated whether the van crossed the red light.

Security cameras recorded the exact moment when the van Freddy Rincón was riding crashes with an article from MIO. Video: The Country of Cali (Twitter @elpaiscali)

In addition to Freddy Rincón, there were two other people in the private vehicle: Maria Manuela Patiño, 20, and Diana Lorena Cortés, 43, who are fortunately out of danger. There is also speculation that there was a fourth person with them, but, so far, there is no information about who is believed to be behind the wheel at the time of the collision.

However, Cali's deputy secretary of mobility, Edwin Candelo, claimed that it was Rincón who was driving the van. According to Candelo, one of the women who was with him confirmed the story: “The traffic agent who has the case says he interviewed one of the two women in the vehicle and she tells him that Freddy Rincón was driving.”

In the first balance, the mayor's office recorded five injuries, including the former footballer and the bus driver, both treated in hospitals. The public transport driver was negative for the breathalyzer test, while Rincón could not take the test due to his critical condition.

Así quedó la camioneta en la que viajaba Freddy Rincón.
Así quedó la camioneta en la que viajaba Freddy Rincón.

According to a spokesman for the Imbanaco Clínica Grupo Quirón, the former Colombian footballer arrived with a “severe head trauma”. Later, Dr. Laureano Quintero gave some details about the idol's state of health: “He underwent surgery, a surgery that took two hours and 45 minutes. Once operated on, he was transferred to our intensive care unit. His condition, given the very delicate findings in surgery, is very critical and his prognosis is reserved.”

Quintero, who is the director of the hospital center, recently gave a final medical report and reiterated that “his prognosis has not changed, he is still very secretive”, in addition to carrying out all the necessary measures to improve the health of the former player from America de Cali.

Freddy Rincón sigue hospitalizado con pronóstico "muy reservado".
Freddy Rincón sigue hospitalizado con pronóstico "muy reservado".

The Colombian Football Federation (FCF), as well as several local league clubs and football personalities, sent messages of support to a Freddy Rincón who was part of that team that ended a 28-year drought without participating in the FIFA World Cup by qualifying for the 1990 Italy event. His most remembered goal with his national team was precisely the one he scored against West Germany to seal a 1-1 draw, which secured qualification to the round of 16 in that tournament. Rincón retired from the Colombian national team in 2001, after scoring 17 goals in 84 games.

In the last few hours, Sebastián Rincón, son of Freddy, arrived in the city, who currently works as Barracas Central footballer in Argentina and received permission from the club to travel to Cali to accompany his father and the whole family in this difficult time.

I talk to my dad a lot. I've heard his stories a thousand times with the national team. The goal against Germany in the 1990 World Cup, the 5-0 in the Monumental or the 1994 team are topics that we deal with often. Every time I finish a match, he calls me to correct things, because he is very critical. More than once I left the court knowing that I had done things right, but when he called me there was always something to correct. While he acknowledges when I had an outstanding task, he reminds me that in such a minute I gave a bad pass, did not go back as I should or did not profile myself well to define. If I score two goals in a match, he is going to tell me that I could have scored three,” Sebastian had told him about his relationship with his father in an interview with him provided Infobae months ago.