Pedro Castillo of Congress: “We will send a series of reforms that will allow us to overcome this structural crisis”

The President announced in his speech that these bills would be drafted by the entities that make up the national agreement.

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This afternoon, before the Congress of the Republic, President Pedro Castillo delivered a message that lasted more than an hour. Among other things, he said that the administration would send a series of reforms to the legislature to overcome the current crisis in the country .

Likewise, the President announced that he would convene a national agreement as an example to reach an agreement between the institutions.Castillo Terrones, since its citizens are experiencing a constant political crisis. “We can't be indifferent to it,” he explained.

“As President of the Republic, I reach out to build bridges, promote dialogue, and work for the national agenda,” said the head of state.

“We have a responsibility to carry out great reforms in the country. We cannot continue to be indifferent to this because it is the average population that suffers the consequences. As President of the Republic, I pledge to lead this process. That is why in the near future we will send a series of reforms to Congress that will allow us to overcome this structural crisis.” He said at the plenary session.

In this regard, he noted that such initiatives will be developed with the participation of authorities, autonomous constitutional bodies and citizens.

“Reforms that will be carried out with the participation of state power, self-government constitutional bodies and citizens. In this regard, it is possible to achieve the necessary agreement by announcing the convening of a national agreement, which is a representative and a plural entity.” He said.

“I urge Peruvian women to unite the strongest and broadest, and let them have faith and confidence in the future of the nation.” He added.

Before the president gave a speech, it was less likely to announce a bill that would advance the election in the event of a presidential vacancy; therefore, no longer assume the duties of Vice President Dina Voluarte It's not going to.

It was the journalist Christopher Acosta who revealed this possibility, which was classified as a bomb that surprised lawmakers on social media.

“Advances in elections when vacant: that is, a bill that the President will present in Congress today, through which the administration seeks to amend Article 115 of the Constitution that regulates the succession of powers.” He says.

However, at the end of the presidential message, Acosta revealed on Twitter that the president had saved the bill to advance the elections later and was probably part of the political reform that was announced.

What does Article 115 of the Constitution say?

Article 115 of the Constitution provides for the following: “Due to the temporary or permanent disability of the President of the Republic, the first vice-president assumes his duties; from this, in effect, the second vice-president; because of the disability of two people, he is the chairman of parliament; if the disability is permanent, the chairman of the parliament immediately urges the election.”

Heading to Pataz

After speaking in front of the Congress, Pedro Castillo reported that he would arrive in Pataz, located in the La Libertad area. After the collapse, 12 people were missing, several were trapped, and about 40 houses were buried.Hill.

“After the Congress delivered a message to the Peruvian people, we will go to the province of Pataz to check on the spot the area affected by the accident that occurred this morning. The people's government will attend when citizens need it most.” He commented on his Twitter account.

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