One Worker Trapped in China Gold Mine Dies as Rescue Continues

(Bloomberg) -- One worker trapped by a blast at a Chinese gold mine has died, while efforts to rescue others continue, Xinhua News reported.

The worker suffered a severe head injury in the explosion on Jan. 10 and had been unconscious for the past two days, Xinhua reported Wednesday, citing rescue headquarters. The person was one of 11 trapped in the same area and whom rescue workers had been able to contact. Of that group, eight are in relatively stable condition and two remain weak, according to Xinhua.

One other miner in a separate area had previously been deemed to be alive, but still wasn’t contactable on Wednesday. The blast in Shandong had trapped a total of 22 workers and it’s not clear what’s happened to remaining 10 people.

At a press conference this week, officials from the rescue team warned their efforts faced a number of challenges. The mine was built on very hard rock, which is difficult to cut through, and they were also contending with water. More passages are being drilled as the rescue effort progresses.

Xinhua reported earlier this week that workers had requested an additional phone and asked for pickled vegetables and porridge.