Trump Urges No More Violence as His Impeachment Looms in House

(Bloomberg) -- President Donald Trump called for no more violence or vandalism ahead of President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration after inciting a deadly riot at the U.S. Capitol last week.

“In light of reports of more demonstrations, I urge that there must be NO violence, NO lawbreaking and NO vandalism of any kind,” Trump said in a statement on Wednesday. “That is not what I stand for, and it is not what America stands for. I call on ALL Americans to help ease tensions and calm tempers.”

Trump issued the statement ahead of an impeachment vote Wednesday afternoon in the House of Representatives. He continues to face bans across social media sites for stoking the mob that stormed the Capitol last week, leaving at least five dead.

Trump rebuffed calls for him to resign, and Vice President Mike Pence has said he won’t force him out. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the Senate wouldn’t return early from recess, all but guaranteeing that any impeachment trial will take place after Biden’s Jan. 20 inauguration.

Before the attack, Trump delivered a speech to his supporters gathered near the White House in which he repeated falsehoods about vote fraud and then urged them to march to the Capitol and “fight much harder” to ensure he remained president.

Trump called for peace after last Wednesday’s riot but never accepted responsibility for the attack, describing his remarks as “totally appropriate.” He acknowledged a “new administration” would take office on Jan. 20 but didn’t concede that he lost the November election, which he has baselessly claimed was tainted by fraud.