Around the Rings - Olympic Games

Lost in translation: Djokovic leaves Tokyo with more wounds than he expected and worried about the US Open, the tournament where he wants to make big history

The world number one player suffered three defeats between Friday and Saturday. After losing his two chances to fight for that Olympic gold he never won, he lost the dispute for the bronze in singles and gave up looking for it in the mixed doubles.

The International Tennis Federation’s plans: 11-day tournament in Paris 2024, advance gender equality with Hopman Cup 2022 and ATP to understand Djokovic’s PTPA

“Tennis was one of the first sports that was 50-50, gender-balanced men and women, which is very important to the IOC”, said ITF president David Haggerty in an interview with Around the Rings in Tokyo.

Djokovic leads protest and twists the arm of Tokyo 2020 tennis organizers

The world number one, along with Alexander Zverev and Daniil Medvedev, got the tournament to delay the start of the day for 3pm. “The conditions are brutal, I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Bach visited Fukushima to show that the worst nuclear accident since Chernobyl is a thing of the past

In his aim to be on the stages of all sports in the 17-day program of the Olympic Games, it does not seem likely that Bach will return to the stadium.

The perfect beach, the dystopian beach: scenes of the Olympic surfing debut

Although without an audience, the vastness, the view of the sea, the noise of the waves, the wind and the sun generated a sense of freedom at Tsurigasaki that is not found in almost any of the other Tokyo 2020 venues.