Rio Merchandise Superstores Doing Booming Business

(ATR) Crowds flocking to the stores day and night, boosting sales for Rio 2016.

(ATR) Stuffed toys, beach chairs, Lego or string bikinis – if it’s a Games souvenir you are after, the Rio 2016 Megastores have everything you ever, or never, needed.

Located in the Olympic Park and on Copacabana Beach, the giant merchandise stores offer a huge array of Games branded gear, and the shelves are clearing as fast as the staff can stock them.

"The mascots! They are the most popular thing by far," store employee Marianna said.

"Kids and adults all love them, especially Vinicius, he is the favourite."

If, like the masses, you’ve fallen in love with the mascots, then you can take them home in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Build your own mascot Lego or get the kids a life-sized toy – but be prepared to pay. These cute little guys come with a hefty price tag with the smallest that fits in your hands ringing up at $R115 (US $37).

If mascots aren’t your thing then that’s no problem, there are aisles of clothes ranging from bright T-shirts with gaudy logos to sponsored sports and beach gear from Nike and Hurley.

At the end of the aisles you’ll find the stuff of dreams for all Olympic collectors with special edition pins and coins. You could pick up a unique watch from Swatch or just blow all your Reais on a bunch of plastic gimmicks and inflatable torches most of which is unlikely to last until the Closing Ceremony.

A lightweight option for the travelling Olympic fan is the official Games posters, a tradition dating back to the 1912 Games. There are 12 posters on offer designed by Brazilian artists and starting from $R30 (US $9.50), they are a good memento that won’t break the bank.

If all this is enough to drive you to drink – don’t worry, they’ve got that covered too! With Rio 2016 branded wine and the glasses to match, you can drown your sorrows or enjoy a toast to your favorite athlete when they top the podium.

Crowds are continually surging through the stores day and night to buy up big - a boost to the Rio 2016 income, where other areas such as ticket sales have fallen short.

Sure enough though, as quick as the real thing hits the shelf, the copies hit the footpaths. Step five meters outside onto the bustling Copacabana promenade, and you can pick up some not quite so authentic merchandise for a fraction of the price.

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Written by Alice Wheelerin Rio de Janeiro

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