PyeongChang Provides Ticket Sales Updates

(ATR) Over half a million tickets have been sold for PyeongChang 2018 according to the latest figures.

(ATR) Tickets for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies and marquee events such as the ice hockey gold medal game are available for purchase 73 days out from the 2018 Olympic Games.

PyeongChang 2018 provided reporters with a newly updated set of ticket sale figures as of Nov. 26. Currently 52 percent of local and online tickets have been sold, or around 550,000 tickets.

A total of 1.07 million tickets are on sale for the PyeongChang 2018 Games. Seventy percent of those would be available for domestic purchase.

Numbers from PyeongChang say that 52 percent of opening ceremony tickets have been sold, 54 percent of snow sports tickets have been sold, 54 percent of ice sports tickets have been sold, and 37 percent of sliding sports tickets have been sold.

A look on PyeongChang 2018’s ticket website shows tickets available for purchase in the men’s and women’s gold medal ice hockey games, figure skating medal events, and both ceremonies still available. Traditionally these events are considered high demand tickets for the Games.

Organizers have repeatedly said that they expect tickets to sell out completely the closer it gets to the Olympics.

"Koreans are known to be last-minute buyers," Nancy Park, PyeongChang 2018 international spokesperson said to the New York Times earlier this month about ticket sales.

The refrain of late buying was similar to that before the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympics. However, at this time, amid a recession in Brazil, organizers said that two-thirds of Olympic tickets had been sold. That figure corresponded with four million total tickets being sold, with many finals sold out.

PyeongChang may need to resort to giving tickets away to school children, or work out deals with large corporations or government agencies to sell out events. Park said a few months ago at the 2017 IOC Session that PyeongChang 2018’s policy remains "sell tickets according to schedule" and reach out to schools around Korea to ensure full stadiums.

Earlier this month at the 2017 ANOC General Assembly PyeongChang 2018 President Hee Beom Lee assured the world’s NOCs that organizers are "committed to having full stadiums" for the Games. Lee did not elaborate on how that would be achieved, but said "we will deliver a more client-friendly ticketing program" for athletes and families.

Homepage Photo: PyeongChang 2018

Written by Aaron Bauer

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