Olympic Channel Execs Outline Vision at Sportel -- UPDATED

(ATR) The channel is aiming for 250 hours of original content when it launches in 2016.

Previous version stated incorrect launch date for the Olympic Channel

(ATR) Executives outlined their goals for the forthcoming Olympic Channel on Tuesday.

"It is a tremendous opportunity for the sporting world - and the Olympic sporting world - to better showcase and have wider distribution of their content, to have more participation and more years involved in sport, and at the same time bring more value to all of them," Olympic Channel general manager Mark Parkman said at the Sportel conference in Monaco.

"It is an opportunity for broadcasters to associate themselves with the Games, not only for 17 days every two years, but for 365 days … and for TOP sponsors to have engagement outside the Games."

Parkman said the channel will be discussed with individual NOCs at the ANOC General Assembly in Washington at the end of October.

Stressing it is "primarily a digital platform," Parkman said the channel will showcase a combination of live sport, video on demand and news, matters that are being discussed with rights holders and broadcasters.

"From content creating companies, we are taking proposals. It could be clips and reports from 10 seconds to minutes.

"We are asking them to be creative, thinking things never done before, to make it relevant to people, who are consuming on Youtube."

Parkman set a goal of 250 hours of original content the first year.

Olympic Channel commercial integration leader Vincent Chupin says the channel will be free on all platforms.

"It will be an advertisement model. TOP sponsors of the IOC will have the priority … we are not interested in opening up to third parties."

"Our goal is to become profitable, raise awareness, and target younger people," added Chupin.

Chupin said the Olympic Channel currently has a staff of 20, but that is expected to grow to 50 by the end of the year and rise to 100 in 2016.

Parkman and Chupin were two of five hires revealed by the channel last week. The others include head of programming Federico de Mojana, head of technical operations Jorge de la Nuez, and Lausanne office chief Jochen Farber.

Another new appointee, IOC broadcast vice president Anne-Sophie Voumard, is not officially an employee of the Olympic Channel team but "will be responsible for Olympic broadcast partner relationships." She replaces Chupin, who held the role previously.

The planned launch date for the Olympic Channel is as soon as practical in 2016.

Written by Heinz Peter Kreuzer in Monte Carlo

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