In Boxing, More National Federations Call for Umar Kremlev to Stand for AIBA President

The presidential election for the International Boxing Association (AIBA) is heating up with

nominations closing on November 2. Four candidates have thrown their hats into the ring, but

they have not inspired much confidence in the boxing family, as the candidates so far are

seen as tainted, weak, or lacking a vision. To take the reform agenda forward, national

federations have now called for AIBA Executive Committee member Umar Kremlev to stand

for election.

37-year old Kremlev is the Secretary General of the Russian Boxing Federation. In 2018, he

was elected as first Vice President of the European Boxing Confederation (EUBC) and AIBA

Executive Committee member.

The federations of Ukraine, Serbia, Colombia, Paraguay and the Solomon Islands have sent

letters of support for Kremlev’s candidacy should he choose to stand for AIBA president.

"We are convinced that Umar Kremlev is a person who knows and understands boxing, the

needs of the Federations, their athletes and coaches. He is the right person for the

development of a transparent development strategy that restores AIBA's credibility in the

International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the great family of amateur boxing worldwide,"

wrote Emilio Aranda of the Boxing Federation of Paraguay.

During the Covid pandemic, the Russian Boxing Federation launched a hotline to support the

country’s sporting community and the public. Volunteers based at its Moscow headquarters,

including several boxers, helped to deliver 3.5 million masks and 5,000 tons of hand sanitiser

and antiseptics.

"One of the main initiators of the necessary reforms in our sport, during a global pandemic, is

Umar Kremlev. He persistently continues to carry out actions to resume the competition, help

athletes and support AIBA in general. This is the best evidence of his leadership skills,

understanding the problems of boxing and sports in general, as well as knowledge of solving

the tasks set, which is now so essential for AIBA," pointed out Volodymyr Prodyvus,

president of the Ukrainian Boxing Federation.

In Russia, for instance, Olympic champions and their coaches receive a monthly salary. All

the regional federations are provided with gloves, headguards and other boxing equipment,

along with funding from the Russian Boxing Federation.

Kremlev has also initiated several international boxing events, including International

Boxing Day. He launched the Global Boxing Forum to unite amateur and pro boxing in an

open dialogue. The continental AIBA forums are also aimed at putting all the national

federations together and bring the AIBA leadership closer to its members.

As chairman of AIBA Marketing Commission, Kremlev has analysed the current position of

each country and provided solutions on how to improve it. He launched a top tournament in

the AIBA calendar, Global Boxing Cup, with the first edition to be held in Russia in 2021

and prize money of almost $2 million. Kremlev has also proposed larger purses for medal

winners at the World Championships: $100,000 for first place, $50,000 for second, and

$25,000 for third.

"Umar Kremlev has made a great contribution to boxing reform with his ideas, skills and

activities so far. He has not been for a long period in AIBA, only 2-3 years, but with his

work, he has already done a lot for boxing. I invite him to run for president of AIBA, so that

immediately after the elections we can implement reform of the AIBA Constitution and

continue our dialogue with the IOC," noted Nenad Borovcanin, president of the Serbian

Boxing Federation.

With growing support for Kremlev’s candidacy, all eyes are on him as nominations close in

early November. Kremlev has not made any comment on whether he’ll stand, but there are

several federations who see his leadership qualities as necessary for AIBA at this crucial

junction in its history.

Source: Serbian Boxing Federation

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