Golden 25 -- #4 Sheikh Ahmad

(ATR) Sheikh Ahmad, leader of the Association of National Olympic Committees, will be an important player in the changes ahead for the IOC.

(ATR) Sheikh Ahmad, leader of the Association of National Olympic Committees, will be an important player in the changes ahead for the IOC.

In his second year as ANOC president, Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al Sabah is directing the association towards a modern structure and creating an agenda to give the group more purpose. He is seeking new ways to finance ANOC projects and could come up with new sports events under the ANOC banner.

He is president of Olympic Solidarity, the $400 million fund fueled by IOC broadcast and marketing revenues that is distributed to the world’s NOCs.

Ahmad is considered a close ally of IOC president Thomas Bach, which should give him sizable influence in the changes to the Olympic movement Bach wants to pursue.

Ahmad, 50, has served on the IOC since 1992, taking the seat held by his father who was killed in the 1991 war with Iraq. The sheikh does not currently hold a seat on the executive board but at his age he will likely get the chance to step up to the rule-making body in the future. There is also talk that Sheikh Ahmad has his eye on the IOC presidency when the job comes open eight or 12 years from now.

2013 ranking: 2

Written by Ed Hula.

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