World Skate Executive Board Meeting Recap

Approval of the following amendments to the By-Laws

World Skate Definition of International Athlete - Clause 10-C of World Skate By-Laws

Clause 10 – C of the World Skate By-Laws has been amended to Athletes shall acquire "International Athlete" status according to the conditions foreseen in the World Skate Anti-Doping Rules, which comply with the WADA Code.

The objective is to adopt a definition of "International Athlete" that is aligned with the World Skate anti-doping rules and focuses on:

• The highest level athletes

• Athletes with the highest risk and biggest advantage from doping

• Athletes that we want to prioritise our resources to test both in and out of competition

• Athletes that are competing for selection to the Olympics and other major games

• Athletes who are experienced and appropriately educated in anti-doping

World Skate Medical Commission - Paragraph E 2 Responsibilities B

The 2021 WADA Code requires operational independence for hearing panels, meaning that any person part of World Skate administration including the Medical Commission cannot be part of a Hearing Panel. For this reason, the doping control hearing panels have been removed from the World Skate Medical Commission responsibilities.

Paragraph E 2 Responsibilities has been amended as follows: Participating in World Skate results management, and Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) panels.

Call with NGBs on 25 March 2021

Due to the current uncertainty about sport events all around the world, the President invites all NGBs to attend a call hosted on Zoom to discuss current and future continental and international activities.

World Skate Fund

The Executive Board approved the establishment of the World Skate Fund. The Fund will support development and solidarity projects all around the world.

World Skate Academy

Strongly supported by President Aracu, the World Skate Academy has carried out substantial and important courses during the forced stoppage to sporting activities this past year. In May, Artistic will finish a 3-year course certifying the first World Skate International Coaches. Skateboarding, Speed Skating and Rink Hockey have already begun courses and coming in the next few months will be Inline Hockey and Inline Freestyle.

World Skate Infinity Project

The project, born as an upgrade of the current World Skate Platform, is actually going to be a true Revolution towards the World Skate workflow automation. Being at an early stage, more info will be provided during the next months.

New Affiliations

We welcome Barbados and Zambia into the World Skate family! We wish you the best in developing World Skate disciplines in your countries.

Inline Hockey, Skate Cross and Inline Speed Skating Rulebooks

The Executive Board received and ratified the above-mentioned Rulebooks.

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