WKF launches video "Karate in times of coronavirus"

The World Karate Federation has unveiled the video documentary "Karate in times of coronavirus". Released on WKF YouTube channel, the documentary reviews the WKF COVID-19 Protocol for international Karate events.

Aiming to streamline the WKF COVID-19 Protocol, the documentary "Karate in times of coronavirus" features the procedures to adapt Karate events to the new circumstances and highlights the WKF COVID-19 Test Event which was held last week in Lisbon (Portugal).

Watch the video clicking in the image below:

The WKF issued a set of procedures to be implemented in all the international events to guarantee the safety of all the participants in Karate tournaments amid the current coronavirus pandemic.

In order to evaluate the efficiency of the protocol, the WKF hosted a COVID-19 Test event in Lisbon (Portugal) from December 12 to 13. The venue of the first event of the 2021 season welcomed the WKF COVID-19 Test Event that resulted in a successful presentation of all the countermeasures to be implemented in Karate competitions in times of coronavirus. The opening event of the season will be held in Lisbon (Portugal) from February 19 to 21.

CLICK HERE to read the WKF COVID-19 Protocol.

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