WKF launches online accredited coach course

The World Karate Federation has launched the online version of WKF's accredited coach course. The new online programme aims at offering coaches around the world the possibility of obtaining the accredited level remotely, now that competitions and sporting activities are temporarily halted due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Presented in a visual and appealing format, the new online course is available here: www.elearning-wkf.net

The course has a duration of six months. Coaches are required to complete different modules before receiving the certificate. Online seminars and lessons are also included in the duration of the course.

With the same content outline of the face-to-face courses which were thus far imparted at events, the new online programme develops some areas in greater detail. The course includes six modules, such as "the coach", "the athlete", "athlete welfare", kata and kumite competitions and "officiation". The license obtained in the course is valid for a three-year period upon the resuming of WKF activity.

The first online seminar of the new Accredited Coach course is scheduled for the end of August.

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