Paris 2024 Shares its Vision with International Federations at SportAccord Convention

"The right city, with the right vision at the right time."

The Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games Bid Committee today said that it was the right city with the right vision at the right time. Paris’ vision is to ensure the Olympic movement stays relevant and reconnects Olympism with the new generation across the world. Presenting its plans to International Federations [IFs] at the SportAccord Convention in Aarhus, the Paris 2024 presentation team was led by bid Co-Chairman, three-time Olympic Champion and IOC Member Tony Estanguet, Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo and bid CEO Etienne Thobois.

During the 10 minutes presentation, the Paris 2024 presentation team stressed that its vision and plans have been built by and for sport to create the most spectacular and athlete-friendly Games ever:

· World-famous Paris landmarks used as venues and providing the most spectacular backdrops to bring the Games alive like never before

· 85% of athletes will compete within 30 minutes of the Athletes Village

· A tailormade Athletes Village will be located just five minutes from the Olympic Stadium

· 95% of venues already exist or are temporary, promising a sustainable, low risk Games

· The biggest ever fan celebration trail will run along the River Seine ensuring the City of Paris becomes the Olympic Park

· A carbon footprint 55% less than London 2012, making Paris 2024 the most sustainable Games ever

Paris 2024 Bid Co-Chairman, Tony Estanguet, said:

"Our plan for the Games has been designed by athletes, for athletes and it has been shared and enhanced by the IFs over many months. I am proud of the relationship of trust we have built with the sporting community because I and so many members of the Paris team understand the bottom line and the hard work that goes into every Olympic dream. We have lived those high expectations and the pressures that come with it and that is why the Olympic Family can trust us to deliver in 2024.

"This means sold out stadia across all sports, magnificent images to inspire audiences worldwide, and flawless delivery by experienced sports professionals. All this in a city that regularly stages major sporting events to the very highest standards, and where all Olympic sport sits in the hearts and minds of Parisians.

"We are promising a Games of real passion and purpose and by passion, we mean delivering the greatest ever city-centre celebration of all Olympic sport. And of purpose, we mean not just buildings, but also having a real impact on people and engaging with them in a way that matters. The answers to the questions we face in society do not lie in story telling or technology, but in bringing sport and everyday life together and it is this vision that underpins Paris 2024."

Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, said:

"So why Paris now? Some mention the anniversary of Paris 1924, while some say it’s because this is the fourth bid from one of Europe’s greatest cities. Others tell us we have a great plan in place and are ready to deliver. These are all part of the story but they are not the most important part. We believe we have the right city with the right vision at exactly the right moment for sport, a vision to connect Olympism with the generation that lives their lives through sharing and whose mindset is about changing the world.

"Throughout its history, Paris has never ceased to believe in a better world and has always committed itself to making positive change happen. This is the primary driver behind our bid, utilising the fundamental values ​​that underpin sport like friendship, peace, excellence, surpassing oneself and, of course, respect for all. It is these values ​​that we can make concrete and bring alive once more, ideals that found a modern voice in Paris more than a century ago."

Paris 2024 Bid CEO, Etienne Thobois, added:

"We will deliver the best Games ever for the athletes based on three key pillars. First, we will provide the highest levels of service in a brand new Village taylor-made for athletes for the Games. Second, we will provide a Games of great memories as our beautiful city and its world-famous landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Champs-Elysees, Château de Versailles and Grand Palais come alive to provide a stunning canvas for the athletes to excel. And our Games will also deliver a real legacy for sport, not just in buildings or facilities, but in more people actually playing Olympic sport."

For more information, please contact:

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