Team USA outfits unveiled for Beijing 2022 opening ceremony

Ralph Lauren introduces innovative technology which allows outfits to adjust to the temperature

Ralph Lauren unveiled the outfits Team USA will wear at the opening ceremony of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

The iconic clothing brand called the outfits, “a groundbreaking apparel and textile innovation with Intelligent Insulation.”

“This allows temperature responsive fabric, without the use of battery power or wired technology, that adapts to cooler temperatures by expanding and creating a layer of insulation,” said David Lauren, Chief Branding and Innovation Officer for Ralph Lauren.

“For the first time, a single item of apparel can transition from indoor to outdoor environments seamlessly, eliminating the need for multiple garments.”

Ralph Lauren has been in partnership with the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC) since 2008, and every item in the uniform is manufactured in the U.S.

Three-time Olympian bobsledder Aja Evans, a bronze medalist at Sochi in 2014, was happy to model the outfits at the Polo Ralph Lauren store in New York.

Sarah Hirshland, the CEO of the USOPC, was happy to sing the praises of the opening ceremony outfits.

“Ralph Lauren has defined American style for over five decades, and we’re thrilled Team USA will once again wear this cutting edge, sustainable and iconic apparel at the Olympic and Paralympic games,” she said.

“Our athletes have worked a lifetime for the opportunity to represent the United States on the world stage, and we thank Ralph Lauren for celebrating and supporting them, and for pushing the boundaries when developing apparel that serves a purpose for Team USA.”

The apparel company will also debut a virtual reality content series, spotlighting six Olympians. Customers will able to sample the technology via headset or at select Ralph Lauren stores across the U.S.