WBSC Will Play in 'Bubble'

(ATR) Organizing tournaments will become more expensive but health is our priority, says WBSC boss Riccardo Fraccari.

(ATR) Playing its main tournaments in 2021 with the anti-COVID protocol of the so-called "Bubble" could be the main conclusion of the working groups announced by the World Baseball and Softball Confederation (WBSC).

The severe restrictions to avoid coronavirus infections could be put into practice even earlier as the president of the WBSC, the Italian Riccardo Fraccari still holds out hope that the Mexican city of Tijuana will organize the U-15 and Women's Baseball World Championships in 2020.

Both tournaments had already been moved from March and April to October and November respectively due to the pandemic, but the WBSC has been informed of a decrease in the number of infections in that region. The federation could change them to December.

Fraccari told Around the Rings that the fate of both tournaments will be determined in September.

There are two working groups of seven members each, one for baseball and one for softball. They include WBSC Secretary General Beng Choo Low, members of the WBSC Executive Board, and National Federation and athlete representatives. They have been created to generate new ideas and proposals on how to organize events during the coronavirus pandemic.

"You cannot return to the field in the same way as before or with the same scheme to play a championship," Fraccari told ATR.

Fraccari revealed that the WBSC is collaborating with the second edition of the League of Prospects of Mexico, which has summoned 120 young people to a "bubble" in Guadalajara.

"We are analyzing whether this format is viable for the future of our protocols when organizing a tournament with a sanitary code. The conclusion of the study of the two groups will be delivered in November for the WBSC Executive meeting," Fraccari says.

"The tournaments will have a different but more expensive organization.

"The study of the groups could conclude moving a tournament to a safer country.

"Now is the time to change. We need to evaluate our sport and see how we can modify it to adapt to the new reality.

"With this current climate with the coronavirus, our sport has many strengths, for example, it is a non-contact sport. We are observing how other disciplines are performing in the environment of the coronavirus.

"We have to learn to live in this situation. The health of our players, officials and fans is the number one priority. We have to show our National Federations a safe way to play," Fraccari concluded.

The members of the working groups are:

Baseball: Paul Seiler (USA), Aracelis Leon (VEN), Didier Seminet (FRA), Chris Day (TPE), Mark Moreau (RSA), Chet Gray (AUS), Justin Huber (AUS).

Softball: Tommy Velazquez (PUR), Beng Choo Low (MAS), Craig Cress (USA), Gabriel Waage (CZE), Rex Capil (NZL), Mashilo Matsetela (RSA), Maria Soto (VEN).

ATR haslearned that this Thursday, August 27, a virtual meeting of the Executive Committee will be held in which the change of date of the Election Congress from 2021 to 2022 will be proposed.

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Written and reported by Miguel Hernandez

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