Sochi Medal Tally -- February 19

(ATR) Thanks to a gold in men's giant slalom, the U.S. has a Games-leading 23 overall medals.

(ATR) Thanks to a gold medal in men's giant slalom, the United States has reached the top of the overall medal count with twenty-three medals, seven of them gold.

Russia and the Netherlands share second place in the medal tally with twenty-two medals each and six golds.

Norway's gold medal in mixed relay biathlon bumped their total medal count up to twenty, nine of them gold. The country sits in third place in the overall medal tally, but their victory in biathlon gave them the edge over Germany in the gold medal count.

Two countries both earned their first gold medals of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games on the twelfth day of competition. Finland found victory in men's team sprint cross country skiing, and the Czech Republic won the ladies' 5000m speed skating.Overall, twenty-six countries have won medals in the 2014 Winter Olympic Games.

Written byAndrew Murrell

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