Press Release on the Gwangju Universiade 2015

We are asking for the Participation of the North. We are assuring the safety of Gwangju from MERS.

We are asking for the Participation of the North.

We are assuring the safety of Gwangju from MERS.

We the 1.5 million citizens of Gwangju have done our best for the lastsix years, in preparation for the Gwangju Universiade 2015, a festival ofyoung people from around the world.

The Gwangju Universiade 2015 is ready with thorough preparation forthe event and with the excitement of welcoming the 13,000 athletes from140 countries, the largest number in the history of the Universiade.We hope that this event can solidify the prospect of reconciliation andpeace between North and South Koreas while it also provides the groundfor youth to promote their hopes and expand their dreams withoutlimitation.

First and foremost, I would like to express my strong wish for thepresence of the athletes and supporters from the North.We still vividly remember the touching experiences of the June 15 re- unification festival in Gwangju in 2006.The Gwangju Universiade held at the 70th anniversary of KoreanIndependence can become a momentum to revitalize the exchange of theNorth and the South.

The history witnesses that sport has played a significant role as a catalystto overcome the barriers of ideology and conflict as shown in the dooropening between China and US through table tennis.

We are ready to provide all possible support to the athletes andsupporters from the North in collaboration of the relevant authorities ofthe South. We citizens of Gwangju are eager to share our brotherly lovein welcoming our compatriots.

Next, I confirm that Gwangju is safe.

The safety of Gwangju has been assured from MERS by thecollaborative task force team comprised of medical experts andgovernment officials.

All participating athletes and delegations of each country will bethoroughly protected from the moment of their entry into this country tilltheir departure.

The best of the best medical experts and state of the art medical facilitieswill be mobilized to staff the "Safe Clinic" during the whole period ofthe Universiade 2015.

Finally, the organizing committee and Gwangju citizens are declaringour resolution to make a successful Universiade and to create a turningpoint of overcoming the current national crisis and boasting the spirit of

resilience of Korean people to the world.

We are again cordially inviting you to the Universiade 2015, the worldfestival of young people. We are welcoming you with all the safetymeasures available at hand.

Thank you for your support.

Dr. YOON Jang-hyun

Chair, Organizing Committee, Gwangju Universiade 2015

Mayor, Gwangju Metropolitan City

For more information, please contact:

Phone: +82-62-616-3650

Fax: +82-62-616-3129



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