Olle Dahlin could be the next president of the International Biathlon Union

At the end of May, the Swedish Biathlon Federation formally nominated its chairperson, Olle Dahlin, for the position of IBU President, the most prestigious post in the world of biathlon, for the next four years. At its congress in September, the IBU will elect a new president to take over from Norway’s Anders Besseberg, who has held the position for more than 25 years.

The International Biathlon Union, IBU, will hold its congress in Porec, Croatia, 6-9 September. There will be elections to the IBU board and technical committees, as well as consideration of motions to change statutes and rules. Each member nation has one vote and around 55 nations usually attend. The vote for IBU President takes place on Friday 7 September and nominations close on 7 June. As well as nominating Olle Dahlin, chair of the Swedish Biathlon Federation, for the position of IBU President, Sweden will be putting forward a motion for a total review of the IBU statutes.

I have chosen to stand for election because I believe I can make a great contribution to the IBU’s vital development work and, because I have been a member of the IBU board recently, I have a clear image of what needs to be done. This means the start-up phase will be short," says Olle Dahlin. "I have led different types of change processes throughout my career as a business leader, so I feel certain that I can provide good leadership in this. We will produce and get support for an operating/strategic plan in the IBU’s fields of activity and develop and adapt the organisation to ensure it is implemented.

Many of the member nations have great confidence in Sweden, and we are represented at different levels within the IBU," continues Olle Dahlin. "The work we have carried out in the Swedish Biathlon Federation over the last few years is also experience that will be beneficial when producing an operating plan for the IBU. I can also see that there is potential to increase the level of transparency and democracy in the IBU’s activities.

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