LIMA 2019 Launches "Talento Peru" Call

The Lima 2019 Executive Director, Carlos Neuhaus, usually compares the Pan American and Parapan American Games with a theater: "We’re in charge of setting the stage and the athletes are the artists." But the artistic shows that will be included in the Games, such as the opening and closing ceremonies, can also be compared to a sports event since they require a lot of effort.

Therefore, Lima 2019 and Balich Worldwide Shows, an Italian company in charge of the organization and delivery of the Lima 2019 opening and closing ceremonies, launched the "Talento Perú" program to recruit a number of volunteer artists that is equivalent to the huge dimension of the chosen scenario: the National Stadium. Also, they both wish to leave an artistic legacy to Peru.

The goal is to form a big group of dancers and extras, recruiting over 3000 performers. They will be led by 150 professional dancers and 13 Peruvian choreographers. Renowned Peruvian dancer, Vania Masías, will be the Choreography Director.

Juan Antonio Silva, Lima 2019 Communications, Commercial and Marketing manager, explained that they are looking for 1700 volunteers for dancing and support tasks, but also other volunteers to be part of the production of this event. "This program aims, besides to organize the ceremonies, to leave a social and artistic legacy for Peru," he stressed.

He said that there are only three requirements: being over 16, fond of art and culture, and a very passionate person. People interested in applying may register at Volunteers will be trained during three months by Balich Worldwide Shows, which is an international company.

Vania Masías, choreographer and director of Asociación Cultural D1, said that Lima 2019 Games ceremonies are a unique opportunity to see Peru reflected in a dance group.

"It’s an honor. I’m really having an incredible experience in this process. It’s the opportunity to show the strength of our country and the wonders we have. We’re going to leave the whole world speechless as long as everybody joins because now is the time to unite, as the Lima 2019 team has been telling us since the very first day. So, if you believe in your country and if you believe that we, together, can make thousands of people vibrate, you must join us." While she invited people to apply, a D1 dance group performed a Peruvian dance choreography in one of the dance rooms.

Milco, the Lima 2019 official mascot, also joined the music dancing huaino and marinera.

The Pan American Games opening ceremony will be held on July 26 and the closing ceremony on August 11. The Parapan American Games opening ceremony will be held on August 23 and the closing ceremony on September 1.


The auditions to choose the 3000 volunteer dancers and artists who will participate in the ceremonies will be held by the end of April. Members of dance schools or groups, as well as spontaneous talents (non-professionals, not necessarily dancers) from different areas, cities or regions of the country, can participate in the auditions.

The objective of this initiative is to encourage Peruvians from different zones of Lima and Peru and foreigners, who will also be able to participate, to get involved in the largest multi-sport event in the continent.


The Milan-based Italian company will be in charge of the volunteer recruitment and selection process. Balich Worldwide Shows, world leader in the communication and live entertainment industry, is always combining multicultural aspects of international teams in each project.

The team comprising the company was also in charge of the Torino 2006, Sochi 2014 and Rio 2016 Olympic ceremonies (produced by CC2016).

This company has wide experience creating and producing amazing events across the five continents, which provides them with the experience to represent various cultural backgrounds and local talent development environments.


This continental event will gather 6680 athletes from 41 countries and delegations from the Americas. There will be 17 days of competitions and ceremonies between July 26 and August 11, which will take place in 14 districts of Lima and Callao at various venues like VIDENA, Villa María del Triunfo Sports Center, Callao Regional Village, Villa El Salvador Sports Center, Punta Rocas, among others.

The Lima 2019 Pan American Games will include 39 sports and 62 disciplines, in which athletes will compete for gold, silver and bronze medals. A total of 23 disciplines are qualifiers for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

The Parapan American Games will gather 1890 Para athletes from 33 countries, participating in 17 sports and 18 disciplines. Competitions will take place between August 23 and September 1, 2019. Fourteen sports will be qualifiers for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.


Panam Sports (formerly known as Pan American Sports Organization - PASO) is the governing body of the Pan American Games and its structure and actions are defined by the Olympic Charter. Panam Sports is the leader of sports and the Olympic Movement in the Americas and encourages the sports development and supports the work of its 41 National Olympic Committees members, in order to inspire more world-class performances and the next generation of athletes across our region.


The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) is the international governing body of the Paralympic Movement. Its objective is to organize the Summer and Winter Paralympic Games and to act as the International Federation of nine sports, in order to supervise and coordinate the World Championships and other competitions.

The Americas Paralympic Committee (APC) was established in August 1997 with the aim of creating a Para sport governing body for the Americas. Since 2007, the Parapan American Games are held in the same city as the Pan American Games.

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